Superannuation Dental Treatment

Using my Super for Dental Treatment

Using your super for dental treatment with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) can be an effective way for patients to pay for larger scale treatments that otherwise may prove unaffordable. It is known as compassionate early release of superannuation. The page below will let you know who qualifies, what treatments can be approved for super payments and also how to start the process, including relevant links to websites and forms that you will need. There is strict criteria for the early release of super for dental treatment.

Can I use my Superannuation to pay for dental treatment?

Want to know about 'using my super for dental treatment ATO'? Compassionate Release of Superannuation is a helpful way to fund dental treatment that you require, and cannot otherwise pay for. To meet the criteria you must have been suffering from a chronic or acute dental pain. We can help you with this process to both know what this means and advise if you are a suitable candidate. 

Who is eligible to use their Superannuation for medical treatment?

What is the compassionate release of super and what is the criteria one must meet to have the early release of super for dental treatment? There are criteria for which if you meet, you can access your superannuation early instead of these funds not being available till retirement. To be eligable you need to be able to fit into one of the following;

  • a life threatening illness or injury

  • acute or chronic pain

  • an acute or chronic mental illness.

The criterium most dental patients who access their super for dental treatment use is the one associated with acute or chronic pain.

Dental treatment is considered medical treatment as you may notice that one the form it states medical treatment and not dental treatment. 

What do 'chronic' and 'acute' mean?

The word acute means there has been a rapid onset or progress of your pain. And means the treatment you require is urgent. 


The word chronic means longer (usually at least 3 months duration), and the pain may have been stable or had periods where it has flared up and settled back down. 

How do I get the process started?

You will need to have a Medical Report filled in to certify you have been in acute or chronic pain. To access the paperwork go to the official Australian Taxation Office Website (ATO). You will need to fill out the Early release of super for dental treatment form. For the link to see about the compassionate release of super ATO - using my super for dental treatment ato and the steps required and forms click here. Once you have everything filled in you will need to upload all the information through the mygov website.

Dental work using super

Basically a summary of this - using my super for dental treatment ATO is as follows:

The medical report is a certification and must be provided by 2 practitioners. They can be either

  • a General practitioner (GP) and a dental practitioner (general dentist or dental specialist)

    • OR​

  • two dental practitioners where one must be a dental specialist.​

    • allied health practitioners such as physiotherapists and chiropractors are not able to provide certification. 

The treatment must be treatment that is not readily available through the public system. 

This process can take several weeks (or longer). If you have your treatment plan approved by the ATO they will release the money to you. You will then have to pay the dental practice. Using your super for dental treatment through the ATO can be beneficial to those with long term chronic dental problems or pain. If this sounds like something you may be interested in, please don't hesitate to have a discussion with one of our dentists. Dentista will talk you through it, give you the correct forms and paperwork and let you know how to proceed if appropriate.

For more information, and to download the see the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) website here