Same Day Crowns

Dental Crowns Same Day

Dentista Dental Centre proudly brings to the Noranda, Morley and surrounding suburbs, the Cerec Milling machine. The new technology that enables patients to receive same day ceramic dental crowns from the dentists in just one visit to the practice. 

This means no glupy moulds, no annoying temporary crown, and no second appointment!

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Cerec Machine

CEREC is an acronym for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, also generally known as CERamic REConstruction.  Fancy terms aside... what does that mean? Basically the cerec uses computer design and manifesting to quickly take impressions of your mouth using a scanner, then generate a customised and computer manufactured crown with a milling machine that we keep at the dental clinic. Thus we are able to bypass the step of manually making impressions using molds and then sending away those molds with the notes from the dentist to the laboratory, when traditionally, the laboratory would do this work. All this can be done very quickly... within one day as the name suggest. This obviously gives the patient a huge advantage in time saved at the dentist, plus adding the accuracy of the new scanning technology.

Cerec in Dentistry

The cerec machine has transformed many areas of dentistry, making it possible to have all your treatment at the dental clinic, rather than taking impressions, then sending them to the lab. By using CAD/CAM technology (Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacting) the CEREC can aid to fabricate

  • Crowns

  • Veneers

  • Bridges

  • Inlays and Onlays

  • Dental Implants

Cerec ceramic fillings - saving your tooth from a crown!

One of the main reasons Dentista have invested in the CEREC is to provide our patients with a better treatment option to a full crown

The name given to ceramic fillings is onlays or inlays. They fall under the 'major dental' category of health insurance.

White fillings are excellent, but we must not forget that at the end of the day they're PLASTIC and have their limitations. If you have a very LARGE WHITE FILLING, (bigger than half your tooth) then the white filling will experience a lot of bending. There can be problems with staining, breaking of the filling, and NEW DECAY getting in under the white filling (where it bends at the seam where it meets the tooth). 


In these cases, a full crown (which requires all surfaces of the tooth to be shaved down), means a lot of healthy tooth is unnecessarily removed.

The cerec provides us with an opportunity to do CERAMIC FILLINGS. This means you have a restoration that is much stronger than the white plastic fillings, lasts much longer, and doesn't remove any healthy structure unnecessarily like a crown would.

You may be wondering why ceramic fillings weren't offered with traditional (2 appointment from the laboratory) ceramics. Well they were, however all you need to do is ask any one who's had them and they're a bugger to have the temporary - which often falls off! This means dentists are reluctant to offer them because the temporaries are a headache for the patient and for the dentist!

The cerec eliminates the need for a temporary, which allows you to have a better outcome! The cost of a ceramic filling is more then a white filling, you are getting a better quality restoration. Depending on your private health insurance this may be a few hundred dollars.


Cerec Crown Materials

The CEREC uses both porcelain and zirconia as its main materials. 

  • Ceramic: these are the most common. They can be 'bonded' strongly onto your tooth, they generally look the nicest too because they can mimic the 'lifelike' translucency of natural teeth. They can be one colour with surface staining, or layered with different colours of ceramic

  • Zirconia Ceramic: Zirconium Dioxide is a white powdered metal oxide. It is also a ceramic. These are very strong. They can be layered with different colours of ceramic as well. 


Cerec Scanner 

The scanner used is called the Cerec Primescan. It is an inter oral scanner meaning that it is placed inside the mouth where it completes a scan of the mouth. The scanner can deal with steep angles, hard to reach places and all types of surfaces. Then it can instantly display this to the computer for analysing and assessing. The scanner will display a total 3D image on the computer to which the dentist can see all angles and have a complete idea of what is happening to the teeth and where treatment is needed.


Are Cerec Crowns as Good as Traditional Crowns

So... does the new technology stack up? Is it a case or the treatment is quicker but you sacrifice quality or strength as a result? For most patients, the answer is a resounding no! Generally crowns using the cerec, whilst giving a time advantage, also are alot more accurate and precise. Thus if you have a good dentist, you can get a much better result and a better fit using the cerec than you can with traditional crown placement methods. We will compare the two methods below...


Same Day Crowns vs Traditional Crowns

Benefits of Same Day Crowns

The benefits of using Cerec technology in dentistry include:

  • Treatment that generally would have required multiple treatments, can now be completed in a single appointment.

  • Due to the scanning and milling technology, the accuracy of the completed milled fabricated products is very high. This allows for more precision and control by the dentist and generally can achieve better results as a consequence.

  • The cerec eliminates the need for temporary treatment. Many procedures in dentistry using traditional methods will require 2 or 3 trips to the surgery. In the meantime, temporary treatment and solutions need to be placed for the patient to carry on with normal biting and chewing activities. Often temporary solutions, by their very nature, can be quite inconvenient, suffering issues such as breaks, cracks and difficulty keeping the area clean. The use of the cerec and single day treatment eliminates the need for any temporary solutions and with it, the problems associated with that treatment.

Same Day Crowns Disadvantages

There can be disadvantages to using Cerec however and these should be considered

The dental work that is generally performed by the lab is now done by the dentist. Training and using the specialised equipment has to be done so by a competent dentist and by a team who is up to date with the latest in both technology and treatment. Dentista Dental Centre has always been at the forefront of technology in the industry. We were also the first provider of the new way to perform scale and cleans with the Airflow! Master to the Morley and Noranda area. We also provide the new Zoom in chair whitening technology for our teeth whitening treatment. 

Due to how the crowns are made, you may be limited in the choice of materials that can be used. While this wont be an issue for 90% of patients, those who may want materials such as gold or another base metal alloy would have to still use the traditional methods of crown placement.

There are some complex cases which involve fractures below the gum, in this instance a traditional crown is recommended over the Cerec.

Cerec for front teeth is case by case dependent. The colour demands of front teeth occasionally require combinations and layering of ceramics, which is better performed by a lab technician. 

How Much do Same Day Crowns Cost

This extra convenience and comfort comes at No Extra Cost to You! To see our current prices please visit this page


Cerec Milling Machine Cost

They aren't cheap! A new cerec costs $250.000. Why so much? Well it is a professional milling machine with state of the art CAD design technology. Be warned, not all milling machines are created equal, and not all dental practices will have a cerec. Like many other products there are cheaper and inferior products that are out there. Dentista Dental Centre has the real deal, the brand new cerec.