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Smile Makeover Perth

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Smile makeover Perth! Get your teeth makeover with Dentista Dental. A full mouth rehabilitation or as is commonly known, a smile makeover involves getting the best combination of cosmetic treatment in order to give you the smile you've always dreamed of. Whether you are looking for the celebrity smile makeover or something completely natural, our skilled team can help make what you envisage a reality. This page goes through a complete smile makeover: who will do your treatment, the steps involved, how much for a smile makeover and our guarantee to you.


Complete Smile Makeover with Dentista Dental Centre Perth

Dentista Dental Centre for your Smile Makeover

Why Choose Dentista

Meet your smile makeover dentist. We have a team of experienced and Australian educated and trained dentists that will look after your smile one tooth at a time. We have been servicing the Morley and Noranda community on our premises since 1992 and combined have over 50 years experience in the industry. We have well established partnerships with local laboratories and use only quality and local materials. 

Dr Carla Graneri_edited.jpg

Dr Carla Graneri completed her bachelor of dental science with honours from UWA in 2009 (BDSc (Hons)). She went on to complete her primary exams for the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons in 2010, and then completed the Global Institute of Dental Education Master Clinician program in Implant Dentistry, California USA in 2018. A keen learner and student, she is currently completing a Diploma of Aesthetic Dentistry with Portsmouth University, UK. Dr Carla is the principle dentist at Dentista Dental.

Why do I need a Smile Makeover?

You may benefit from a full mouth rehabilitation or smile makeover if you want to improve the looks and function of your smile.

Sometimes when there has been a lot of wear and tear to your teeth from erosion, lots of fillings, or losing teeth, there isn’t enough space to fix them. A full mouth rehabilitation/ smile makeover ensures we treat your mouth wholistically – not only creating beautiful teeth for your smile, but also ensuring your bite is stable to help you chew and actually protect the fresh teeth at the front!

You may benefit from a smile makeover if;

  • You have fillings that regularly chip or break

  • You have teeth that are very short and worn from acid erosion and or grinding your teeth

  • Your teeth have changed in appearance over time such as

    • Shorter

    • Uneven lengths

    • Changed colour

    • Gaps forming

    • Edges frequently chipping

Why do I need a Smile Makeove
Dr Carla works on patient.JPG

Dr Carla Graneri for your Smile Makeover

What is a Smile Makeover /Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

What is smile makeover?

A smile makeover aims to restore your whole mouth to health, not just fixing one thing in isolation. Often when a tooth chips or breaks it is just that one issue and can be easily fixed or replaced in isolation.

Occasionally, when teeth keep chipping, or drifting, or wearing down and there’s not enough space to fix them, it can be a symptom of a larger issue. An issue where not just one or two teeth need fixing, but most of the teeth in the mouth. When most of the teeth in the mouth require management together this is known as a full mouth rehabilitation or colloquially as a smile makeover. Each full mouth rehabilitation/smile makeover is tailored specifically for each patient depending on their individual needs and risks. Thus a smile makeover is 2 fold, firstly fixing the foundations of your teeth and then completing the cosmetic smile makeover.

Smile makeover Perth

The before smile the teeth are worn down and the patient's very large fillings on the front teeth were regularly breaking. The Smile Makeover has made the teeth stronger with ceramic crowns

The treatment required will depend on your individual circumstance. We aim to get the mouth healthy and stable before doing any ‘cosmetic’ treatment. Some types of treatment that may be required to get your mouth smile makeover ‘ready’ and the dental professionals involved are

  • Fillings - Dentista

  • Extractions - Dentista 

  • Gum (periodontal) therapy to get your gums healthy - Dentista/Periodontist

  • Dental Implants - Dentista 

  • Gum surgery to a) make your teeth longer or b) replace lost gum - Dentista / Periodontist

  • Orthodontics to move your teeth into better positions - Specialist Orthodontist / Noranda Orthodontics

  • Root Canal Treatment - Dentista 

  • Dentures  -Dentista / Morley Denture Professionals

For more info on the below treatments, please click the links to the info pages on our website. 


Amalgam Fillings Removal


Gum health

Dental implants

Root Canal treatment

Smile makeover with crowns


Once your mouth and teeth are ‘stable’ and ‘healthy’ the smile makeover process can begin.

What are my new Tooth Coverings made of?

teeth covering mterial

Minimally Invasive Adhesive Rehabilitation

At the core of our smile makeover philosophy is to be minimally invasive – that means to keep as much of your natural tooth structure as possible. The reason for this is that nothing lasts for ever – the more of your tooth that is preserved, the stronger your restorations and the longer your treatment will last!


With that in mind we use an adhesive approach to a smile makeover – the restorations, where possible, are bonded onto your tooth with minimal cutting of your natural tooth required.

We take a step-by-step approach so you get to preview each phase of treatment before we commit and your teeth are irreversibly changed.


There are two materials available for bonded adhesive dentistry

  1. Porcelain

  2. Resin Composite

Smile Makeover Prices and Duration

Smile Makeove Steps

Below we discuss the smile makeover procedure outlining steps involved, including the time taken for each step, how much gap there is between each stage and the smile makeover prices for each stage.

  1. Records appointment

    • Information gathering. Models, photos, assessment of your jaw, muscles, bite records

    • 75 minutes, $500


Your Smile Makeover is drawn up with an articulator - as above

2. Digital Smile Design Preview and Treatment Plan Discussion

– approx. 1-2wks after appt 1

  • Sometimes known as a virtual smile makeover, we use modern technology to 'draw up' what your smile makeover will look like. A virtual smile makeover is a great way to see what the dentist has in mind for your smile, and is the perfect time to make any changes or alterations that you may want.

  • All records from 1st appt collated and presented with a digital smile preview (digital preview of ‘after smile’). Discussion of treatment required per tooth and in depth fee estimate now possible

  • 45 minutes

  • To proceed to next phase of tx $750 to cover lab fee for smile try in

Starting Smile for Smile Makeover
Appointment 1
Starting Smile
Digital Smile Design Stage
Appointment 2
Digital Smile Design

FMR Smile try in
Appointment 3
Trial Smile Try-in


3. Smile Makeover Smile Try in Front Teeth - approx. 2 wks after appt 2

  • Based on outcome of 1st 2  smile makeover appointments, models have been sent to laboratory to have front 8-10 teeth ‘waxed up’ to new size, shape, contour. At this appt you try them in!

  • 2 appts, one in am 45mins to put trial smile in, afternoon appt 45mins same day to discuss and remove trial smile. To proceed to next phase of your smile makeover tx $750 to cover lab fees

4. Trial Build Up of Back Teeth - approx. 2 wks after appt 3

  • In this phase of your smile makeover, your back teeth are built up with ‘reversible’ white filling material to seal the back teeth and create space at the front for the new restorations. You try out this new more open bite for 3-4 weeks. At the end of treatment some of these will be converted to ceramic restorations (crowns / onlays)

  • 1 appt, approx. 2-3 hours, approx. $400/tooth for resin material. May be 6-12 teeth

  • Review appt 3-4 weeks after appt 4 to see how you’ve managed with new open bite and take new records for next step (moulds of teeth, facebow and bite registration). Approx 45mins. $750 deposit to proceed to next step

unrestored lower teeth
lower teeth after bite opening
Appointment 4
Left teeth before opening bite
Right after white filling material to open bite


5. Restoration of Front teeth approx.  2-3 wks after review appt 4

  • This phase of the smile makeover involves the restoration of the front teeth will depend on how much wear and tear they’ve endured and which material you choose (resin, porcelain or a combination). This will influence how many appointments and the cost per tooth

  • 1-3 appointments, approx. $500-$2500 per tooth depending on material (minus $750 deposit)

crowns before and after

6. Night Guard 2 wks after finalisation of front teeth

  • Night guard to protect all your new shiny teeth from chipping and breaking

  • 1 appointment approx 30mins, $690

Night Guard Container and Mould.jpg

Smile makeover protection - protect your new found smile with a night guard which stops you grinding and damaging your new smile makeover while you sleep

Smile Makeover  Cost

Smile Makeover Costs

Smile makeover Perth costs - prices are an approximate - current 2022

Approx Total Cost for smile makeover (based on restoring 24 teeth)


Records - $500

Smile design (lab fee) $750 – Up to this stage will get you a ‘Trial Smile’ Smile Makeover

Posterior White Bite $750 (lab fee) + $400 / tooth assuming 12 teeth = $5550

Anterior restorations $500- $1700/tooth assuming 6-12 teeth = $3000-$10,200 / $6,000-$13,000

Night guard $690

Any other treatment to other teeth required such as gum surgery, root canal, implants, crowns etc – costs depending on treatment required

Overall average cost for a smile makeover is $10,000 but have been known with extensive work to go to $40,000. This is why it is imperative to do the initial steps

We have payment options available such as humm to make an affordable smile makeover for everyone.

Maintenance and Longevity 

You've just had your smile makeover.. you will need to ensure you take excellent care of your teeth and gums to make sure the restorations stay strong and you don’t get new decay underneath them. Remember that whatever broke/wore down your natural tooth structure can also break your restorations – which are never going to be as strong as natural tooth!

FMR longevity.JPG

Smile Makeover maintenance steps and tips

For example, if you eat hard sticky things like pork crackling, toffees, minties, or accidentally bite into something very hard like a fork or olive pip it is likely your restoration/ smile makeover will fracture. We recommend cutting up food and chewing with your back teeth.  This includes hard crusty bread and hard chocolate. Also, if you bite your nails or pens etc they can also severely damage your front teeth restorations and even pop them off!


  • Nail / pen biting

  • Sticky food such as toffees, minties, boiled lollies, crackling

  • Hard food such as chocolate, hard crusty bread, carrots (cut up and chew with back teeth)


Your restorations/ smile makeover are bonded to your teeth, acid in food and drink will dissolve the bond. So it’s best to minimise the contact acidic food and drink makes with your teeth


Some of these we have videos on.. please click on the links

  • Citrus drinks (including straight and diluted in water) - see our video

  • Any drink with bubbles (including SODA WATER, and of course soft drinks such as coke and pepsi)

  • Any sugar free drink (including coke zero, pepsi no sugar, GATORADE)

  • Energy drinks (Mother, Red Bull etc even if they are ‘sugar free’)

  • Tea and coffee black or white

  • Wine, beer

  • Control gastric reflux where you can with medication/ diet / sleep posture

  • Lots of time exposure to chlorine / environmental acids

PH Orange Juice.JPG

Enjoy your life! Everything in moderation! Where possible to protect your teeth rinse with regular water, stay hydrated, chew sugar free chewing gum for a couple of minutes, use high fluoride tooth paste and or tooth mousse.

Is a smile makeover permanent? On average, porcelain restorations that you will receive with a smile makeover can last 10-17 years, and composite resin 3-5 years. The beauty of composite resin is that it can be easily added to and repaired. It’s important that your composite resin restorations are checked regularly for wear and tear and polished/repaired as necessary to keep your bite in balance.

Why your smile makeover restorations may need to be replaced

  1. Chipping or breaking

Don’t eat hard stuff, and wear your splint! – see above!

  1. Popping off (debonding)

Don’t bite into hard or sticky stuff, and wear your splint, minimise acidic stuff in your mouth! – see above!

  1. Decay

The ‘seam’ where your restorations meet your teeth is vulnerable to new decay. Minimise the treats (both sugary and acidic) and protect your teeth with x2 daily at home cleaning brushing and cleaning between your teeth with floss and or picksters, quality fluoridated products and 6 monthly checks and cleans with Dentista to pick up any problems early!

  1. Receding Gums

Some people are vulnerable to receding gums. When gums recede around a dental crown or veneer the part of the tooth that becomes exposed under the gum can be a different colour and shape to your smile makeover restoration. Generally this does not cause any weakening of the restoration, but can be an aesthetic issue. If the way it looks bothers you, you may elect to replace the restorations.

Everything ages and experiences wear and tear. The changes experienced in our mouths (similarly to those in the rest of our body) are more pronounced the younger we are. It is important to note that the younger you have dental treatment, the sooner it will need replacing. For example a smile makeover treatment for a 20 year old will need to be replaced sooner than the same treatment on a 60 year old.


Yes our smile makeover comes with a guarantee. We guarantee our composite resin work for 2 years and porcelain for 5 years on a replacement basis. If additional work is required you will be required to pay only the difference in fees. To meet the warranty criteria, you must have check and cleans with Dentista every 6 months, and wear your night guard if prescribed. If you damage your restorations by eating hard/sticky food, trauma, misuse or intentional damage the warranty is void.

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Smile Makeover Paymn Plan
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