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Airflow Clean Video

Dentista Dental Centre have invested in the latest technology in teeth cleaning devices! We want to provide the most comfortable clean possible.

The Airflow Master by Swiss company EMS offers the most gentle, most thorough and most efficient teeth cleaning system available! 

Check out our Dentista video below, or click here to read more about it, or see our blog post here. Air flow dental cleaning is the future or scale and clean treatment. Book in with your Airflow Dentist at Dentista Dental Centre today!

Airflow Dentist


The Airflow Master from Swiss Company EMS delivers the most gentle, thorough and efficient dental clean available! The airflow device uses a very fine powder with high pressure air and water to clean the plaque off teeth like a spa experience. Air flow dental is the new way of getting the best clean available for your pearly whites. Check out the video above and book in with your Airflow dentist today!


Watch the video to see how we clean teeth from start to finish at Dentista Dental Centre using the Airflow Master.


I have been a practicing Dentist in Morley, Perth Western Australia since 2009. With these videos I hope to inform and educate ways to improve your oral health, and explain common dental procedures. Through our YouTube channel (you can find the link here) I hope to take away some of the fear and unknown when it comes to visiting the dentist! 



Hi everybody, this is Dr Carla and this is my lovely patient Zahra. Today we’re going to be talking a little bit about the Airflow Master and why it’s so good. Here we have the Airflow, and this is where the magic happens. This is the powder, and this is what’s going to clean Zahra’s teeth. It’s a tiny tiny little particle, it’s only 14 microns in size which is so tiny that when you feel it, it just feels very soft. The result it that your teeth get a really soft gentle clean, and nothing gets scratched, and it’s the only thing that can clean under your implants, if you have implants, without damaging them. So we’re going to give it a try.

How big is 14 Microns - Airflow Dentistry.PNG

How big is 14 Microns comparatively 

So we’re just going to put some Vaseline on Zahra’s lips here. And now we’re going to use this here, this is the guided Biofilm Therapy, this is the disclosing solution. This is going to show us where there’s any plaque or biofilm on Zahra’s teeth. That will tell us where we need to clean, and also where Zahra might be missing. So we just rub it on like this. It’s berry flavour, didn’t taste like berries to me!


Beautiful, what we do now, is get our Airflow, which warms the water to 40 degrees, which is nice and warm. You can see where Zahra is not quite getting 100% with the toothbrush. Which is great, because it’s so hard to know if you’re cleaning properly because you can’t see it when it’s tooth coloured. But now we’ll give Zahra the mirror and we’re just going to go through a quick little demo of where she can get to with the toothbrush. And, often guys, it’s just a matter of using a brand new toothbrush! Because, if you’ve had the same bristles there for 5-6 months they’re not effective. So even if you’re getting there the bristles just aren’t doing the work. So I think maybe that’s what’s going on. And another common thing here with people is that their bottom lip gets the brush out the way. So if you’re brushing here and your lip is covering your bottom teeth what you’ve got to do is push your bottom lip down a little bit and make sure you get right down to the gum line.


So what we’re going to do now is use the Airflow and clean all the staining off!


Airflow Dentist Experience:

C: Beautiful! Alright so Zahra how did you find the Airflow clean?

Z: So it really didn’t feel like a clean! It just felt like water!

C: It’s strange isn’t it. Because normally when you have a clean there’s a certain level of discomfort with the scratching and the poking.

Z: It was quite nice, it actually felt like you didn’t do anything!


C: yeah I know! But you saw all that purple gone right! And even when we did the ultrasonic. When you have that normally done with the dental chair it feels very cold. How would you describe that the water felt in your mouth when we did it just now? Z: fine. I didn’t feel it. It didn’t feel cold or anything.


C: great! Alright, would you recommend an Airflow Dentist to other people or to have an Airflow clean as opposed to a regular clean? What’s your preference?

Z: yeah! If you like feeling nothing at the dentist, then this is the way to go!

C: Alright well beautiful! You have a very healthy mouth, so I look forward to seeing you in six months time!

Z: thank you Carla!

C: you’re very welcome!

Airflow Dentist in Morley and Noranda. Book in your Airflow clean with one of our Dentists today!

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