The Correct Way to Clean an Electric Toothbrush

In the rushing of everyday life we can forget to clean the things we use to clean our teeth! When is the last time you properly looked at your toothbrush? Is there grime in the nooks and crannies? Is there mould starting to grow? Take a couple of minutes to watch the video and check out how to maintain your electric tooth brush for a long a happy life! 

Video Transcript

Hi guys, today we are looking at how to maintain your electric toothbrush. So this toothbrush head here.. the bristles are a little bit splayed out, it's starting to get a bit yucky, so had it a few months.. time to say goodbye and start a fresh.  

Once you've had your bristles for about 3 months, or you start to notice that the bristles are flaring out.. it's time to chuck it away. It's the tips of the bristles that do the cleaning, not the sides.. so get a new one.

What you can see me doing here is just using some very mild hand soap and a non abrasive cloth to give the electric toothbrush head a nice scrub and get rid of some of that scum. I'm using it on the whole body here but making sure to get into all the nooks and crannies. This electric toothbrush has a black body, so the white from the toothpaste really shows up quite prominently. So you can see.. there's still a little bit in that tiny little bit, but the inside has been cleaned out nicely. 

The way to minimise the amount of scum that builds up on the electric toothbrush, is to give it as good a rinse as you can and once you've finished brushing your teeth. So once you've finished brushing, you run the toothbrush under the running water while the electric toothbrush is on for a few seconds. That helps to clear the toothpaste out of the actual toothbrush head. Then you take the toothbrush head off the electric toothbrush and run it under the water so it goes in that little hole in the middle, and you can also run the toothbrush itself under the water to rinse off any of that toothpaste like residue.. and then you can dry them. 

So that was a big tip given to me by the Oral B rep, because we were having some mold issues with the electric toothbrush head.. that like mold was growing back quickly on the insides. Her suggestion was to dry it... and that has made a huge difference. Also take the head off the brush and keep them separate.. and that way they dry completely. You want to allow your toothbrushes, whether it's electrical or manual, to dry as completely as possible between uses, because anything that stays moist for long periods of time will harbour bacterial growth.


You can see that I am just now starting to scrub the base. You can see there was lots of toothpaste residue on here, because as the toothbrush is placed onto the little base there to charge, it all just kind of droops down. I was probably being a little too exuberant with the water there. This has a power point plugging in, and I was getting a bit of back seat  advice from the owner of this particular toothbrush who maybe should of been doing it himself. Anyway just be careful that you don't damage it with too much water, but luckily in this case it was fine.


 Just cleaning the power point here.. in it goes.. look at that happy blue flash.. he feels good.

Here is some ASR (the brand). The satisfaction of a new toothbrush.  Click! Off we go

Enjoy guys