pH Series Videos

Most people are aware that sugar is really bad for your teeth. What most people don't know is that the reason that sugar is so bad is because the bugs that live on our teeth actually eat the sugar and poop it out as acid! It is the acid poop that does all the damage to our teeth!

For this reason, foods and drinks that we put into our mouths have a very destructive effect on our teeth.


Acids cause holes in our teeth and strip the tooth of its building blocks (think eroding away the outer layers of your teeth).


The longer the acidic food and drink are in contact with our teeth, and the more acidic they are, the more damage they're causing.

Acidity is measured as pH. The pH scale goes from 1 to14. A pH of 7 is neutral, and a pH less than 7 is considered acidic.

The magic pH for enamel is 5.5. If the pH of whatever we put into our mouth is less than pH 5.5, it causes the building blocks of the enamel (think calcium, fluoride, phosphates etc.) to be sucked out. What helps the building blocks go back in to the tooth are saliva, and boosters like fluoride in water and toothpaste.

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It is really hard to find information of the pH of what we eat and drink! Unlike sugar, it is not required to be on the label of foods and beverages! For this reason, we have created these videos so you can see if the food and drink you love is damaging your teeth! If there are any foods or drinks that have been sneakily causing your teeth damage, the videos will give you tips on how best to keep enjoying them, and minimise the damage to your mouth!

View the videos below:

1. Is Soda Water Bad for Your Teeth?!

2. Is Orange Juice Bad for Your Teeth?

3. Dentist answers: Is Red or White Wine Better for Your Teeth?