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General Price Guide

The following are for the dental item numbers and costs 2024. They are accurate as of March 2024. If you have private health insurance we can do a treatment quote for you if you visit the surgery in person as we need to physically swipe / tap your private health insurance card. 

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How much does it cost to get a tooth filling in Australia? Dental item codes and dental average costs are explained below

What is the cost of a check up and clean?

Note these prices are BEFORE private health insurance is deducted. We accept all health funds and are a HBF plus provider (preferred provider).

The average price of a check up and clean with the state of the art Airflow is 

Comprehensive check up:  dental item number code 011 $68

Removal of calculus: dental item number code 114 $126 

if required: in mouth x-rays: item code 022 $47 each

full mouth x-ray OPG item code 037 $116,

fluoride: dental item code 121 $37

If you have gum disease, your dentist will consult with you regarding your treatment options. Typically treatment for gum disease requires 2 to 4 longer appointments of deep cleaning. For this reason a customised treatment plan will be offered to you. You may choose to have your treatment at Dentista, or depending on your preference or severity of disease, you may choose to have this treatment with a gum specialist. Gum disease often has no symptoms and most people don't know they have gum disease until they are told by a dental professional. Click on our page on gum disease to find out more.

If you are a new patient your fees for a comprehensive check up and clean including 011 examination, 114 clean, two in mouth x rays 022 x 2, fluoride treatment 121, and full mouth x ray 037 may be a total of $441.

If you have a basic check up and clean 011 and 114 your total cost may be a total of $194. This does not include any fluoride treatment or x-rays.

If you have private health insurance with dental cover they will cover a significant portion of this cost. Please see our page on Private Health Cover​ for more information. We are a HBF plus member

**prices current 2024

What is the cost of a filling?

The costs of fillings depend on lots of factors - front or back tooth / how many surfaces the filling covers the tooth / material of the filling / if any other things are required for example adding pins, posts, edges or cusps to the tooth. If you need an amalgam filling removed and replaced, there is no additional fee for the removal component. For an accurate estimate of the cost we recommend an in person consultation.

Front tooth white fillings: dental item number code 521 starting from $163**

Back tooth white fillings: dental item number code 531 starting from $200**

**prices current 2024

If you have dental cover with your private health insurance, they will cover a certain amount. To know exactly what your private health insurance will cover we can provide you with a quote in the surgery via the HICAPS machine, or we can provide you with a detailed estimate you can check with your insurer. See our page here for more info.

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Dental codes and Dental item numbers Available to see at Dentista

Major dental health insurance available

Dental Crown Price

Dental crowns fall under major dental item numbers in the category dental item numbers and costs 2023

Tooth Crown Cost Australia

How much does a crown cost Australia? How much does a crown cost Perth?

These are probably our number 1 questions we receive in regards to price and dental item codes. We will break these down into the different materials and positions of the teeth.

What is the cost of a porcelain veneer or a crown?

The cost of porcelain veneers and cost of a crown depends if any other work needs to be done to the tooth prior to making the veneer or crown, for example if the tooth needs the existing crown or veneer cut off, if the tooth needs a new filling to go under the crown or veneer etc. For an accurate estimate of the cost of a crown, we recommend an in person consultation.

Cost of veneers and cost of a crown:

Veneers: dental item code 556 starting from $1600**


Dental Crown Price:

Porcelain Crown: dental item number code 613 starting from $1600**

We use skilled local technicians from Creations Dental Ceramics in West Perth to fabricate the custom ceramic work for our patients. We also have the option for Same Day Crowns milled right here in our practice! 

**prices current 2023

Dental crown cost with insurance

Dental crown cost with insurance? If you have major dental cover with your private health insurance, they will cover a certain amount. To know exactly what your private health insurance will cover we can provide you with a quote in the surgery via the HICAPS machine, or we can provide you with a detailed estimate you can check with your insurer.

Comparing prices of complex treatment

Our policy is to not provide any treatment plan or quote without having an in person consultation. Comparing prices, or even comparing prices based on item codes you have received from another practitioner can be very misleading. The reason for this is that often multiple codes are required for a particular treatment.

For example;

the dental item number code for a dental crown is 613, 615 or 618. Very often, the tooth also requires a core filling to support the crown, which is a dental item number code 627. Sometimes, an existing crown needs to be removed before your new crown can go on, the dental item code for this is 655. We also require a radiograph of the tooth prior to undertaking crown treatment, dental item number 022.


In total, your tooth which requires a crown, may actually involve 4 different dental item codes. The cost of the dental item number 613 (crown) is $1600. The cost of the dental item code 627 (core filling) is $240.


How much does a gold tooth cost?

How much does a gold tooth cost?


The cost of a gold tooth (gold tooth cost) is $1600 PLUS the fee for the gold, which is usually around an additional $300.


Be wary if you receive a quote over the phone with no in person consultation.

Cost of Dental Implants Perth

If you'd like to see the average cost of an implant, click here.

Tooth Extraction cost Perth

Tooth Extraction cost Perth - The following are the prices and dental item numbers and costs 2023 for tooth extraction cost Perth and Wisdom teeth removal cost Perth and rotten tooth cost Australia

Tooth Extraction Cost Perth:

The cost of a simple extraction: dental item code 311 is $185

The cost of a surgical extraction: dental item number code 324 is $400

X-ray: dental item code 022 $45

A straight forward, simple extraction (tooth extraction cost Perth) requires no cutting of the tooth or the bone to get it out. Sometimes teeth need a little more coaxing to come out, in which case we may need to drill the tooth and or the bone holding it tight. This is known as a surgical extraction. When both are required the fee for (tooth extraction cost Perth) is $400. Teeth more likely to require surgical removal are those that are very rotten/broken down, those that have big roots, and those that get stuck (like wisdom teeth).


Rotten Tooth Extraction Cost Australia

The price for rotten tooth extraction cost Australia is also the same as above. Rotten tooth extraction comes under a surgical extraction and the rotten tooth extraction cost Australia ranges from $185 to $400. As above an x-ray is also required item 022 $45.

Cost of Zoom Teeth Whitening

We love Zoom! teeth whitening. Your complete kit of take home trays and in chair whitening costs $750. If you are considering having your teeth whitened, choose Zoom!


At Dentista Dental Centre we believe in providing you with a solution that suits where you are at in life! 

We like to offer a wholistic approach to treatment, identifying and addressing the causes of your problems so we can minimise any further breakdown, and expense to you. 

You are involved in the planning process, and we will tell you the estimated fees for any planned treatment before we commence. We will work within your budget. You will always have a choice as to what treatment you receive.

We can do a whole mouth approach, or just the tooth you're having a current problem with! If you are interested in rejuvenating your smile, eating comfortably again, or are mainly interested in pain relief, we will meet you where you are at! We are more than happy to give you an overview and progress through your treatment at a pace you are comfortable with.

At Dentista we are always striving for high quality, and use robust methods and materials. It is important to be aware that not all dental treatment is the same. We take pride in our work! And importantly we want it to LAST! We have even taken a special interest to study the material science of adhesives to deliver you the best filling possible! Yes there can be huge variation from one filling to the next! (who'd have thought!) We use the best technology for a 'scale and clean' with our Airflow for your maximum comfort, and we use local high quality laboratories in Perth and Melbourne to fabricate all our crowns, veneers, mouth guards and splints.  


We regularly review our fees and ensure we provide competitive pricing. We update our dental item numbers and costs regularly so you can be sure of accuracy and avoidance of bill shock.

Payment options

We accept credit card, bank transfer, cash and we have third party finance options available. We can also assist you with applying for compassionate early release of superannuation to fund your dental treatment. 

We are pleased to be offering Afterpay and Humm for financing. Ask for more information regarding using these services with regards to dental item numbers and costs 2023

Full payment is required at the time of service.


Treatment that requires a laboratory item (crowns, veneers, implants etc) will require payment of 50% at the initial appointment, and payment in full at the time of finalisation of the treatment. 

humm payments

Dental item numbers and costs 2023 given so to use humm

Afterpay now available

Dental item numbers and costs 2023 given so to use Afterpay


We accept all health funds, and have a HICAPS code machine on site. The HICAPS machine allows us to claim your private health insurance at the time of your treatment via the HICAPS codes, so you only have to pay the gap, or 'out of pocket' amount. The HICAPS machine will also take into account the dental item numbers and costs 2023 to ensure the number is accurate. To claim with the HICAPS machine, we require your actual health insurance card (not just the member number). Some health funds allow you to claim with the HICAPS machine via an app on your phone. If you do not have your card with you on the day of treatment (or it is an outdated card), you will need to pay in full and then you can claim your health insurance back using the information on your receipt.   

The HICAPS machine also allows us to quote you for any planned treatment with your health insurance card. Private health insurance companies have an annual limit which they will pay toward your treatment per year. What cover you receive for your dental treatment depends on your insurer, and your level of cover, and any other treatment you have already claimed in the same category of treatment for that year. There is a huge variation between what different insurers cover for 'ancillary' (i.e. non-hospital) cover. Some insurers cover a lot for dental treatment, and others cover very little, or don't cover the full range of dental services (such as teeth bleaching and some items for fillings etc). Dental item numbers and costs 2023 can be found out through talking to the dentist at reception.

We are a Member Plus partner for HBF (this was previously known as Preferred Provider) 

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HICAPS codes

HICAPS machine

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