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About Us

Philosophy and History of Noranda Dental Centre 

Dentista Philosophy

Dr Carla strongly believes that you as the patient are the boss of your treatment choices! 

Like most things in life, there can be several options to resolve whatever it is you're trying to fix. At Dentista we make sure you are aware of all your options, that way you have the freedom to choose what is best for you, when it is best for you!

What ever decision you make regarding your dental treatment, we take the time to do things to the best of our ability, using the best materials available. Our practice prides itself on quality, this shows in the technology we have invested in.

We will always be upfront with you and let you know what will be involved for any treatment that you may be considering. This also applies to the cost of your treatment. We will always let you know what a procedure or treatment will cost before we start anything. We can break down the treatment into the different cost codes so you know exactly what you are paying. We want you to be comfortable with all aspects of your treatment and this includes costs.

We are upfront with our fees structure and you can find our general rice guide here. As in most medical professions we require you to have an in-person consult with a dentist before we can give you a quote.

We have been part of the Noranda and Morley Community since 1992 and will continue to be your go to Morley Dentist and Noranda Dentist.

Dr Carla.JPG

Dr Carla - Dentista Dental Centre

History of Camboon Road Dental


A history of of Camboon Road Dental- By Dr Brian Hurwitz 2020

After about 4-5 years of employment at 2-3 part time positions, and with none of these tending towards a full-time position or a prospect of ownership or partnership, we decide that the way to go would be to either buy a practice or start a practice. This was 1991/1992. There was not much on the market at the time that we were comfortable with, so we started looking for premises. There were one or 2 premises in existing or new buildings that looked promising, but either the location or the set up was not conducive to what we were looking for- at this stage we were just looking at the dental aspect, not an office for Nicki (my wife and Speech Therapist). After doing the maths it was shown that paying a mortgage would be marginally more than rent, so we started looking for sites, preferably with passing traffic and exposure. We did find a few houses in the area or nearby. (We were not specifically looking for Noranda at the time, but I had been working in Inglewood and through the community had an existing local client base that would follow me if I was reasonably close, so the area was obvious).

original house 73 Camboon Road.JPG

Original Residental Property for 73 Camboon Road Noranda

We applied for a number of properties making offers to purchase with the proviso that the sale was subject to shire approval to conduct business in the premises. These were rejected, mainly because of neighbours’ objections who were worried about things like increased traffic. This was crazy because they were on fairly main roads- Benara Road, Morley Drive, Alexander Drive etc- were an extra one or two cars per hour would have no significance.

house on Camboon Road from the rear.JPG

Original Residental Property for 73 Camboon Road Noranda - The rear

So, in 1992, I had noticed that 73 Camboon Road had been on the market. After our last rejection, the For Sale sign was not even up anymore, but I asked the agent that had helped with one of the other properties to approach the owners to see if they were still interested. They had been keen to sell but had had no reasonable offers. Anyway, we did the exercise again, making an offer subject to shire approval. The agent worked very hard convincing neighbours that traffic and parking would not be a problem and that clinics nearby would be beneficial. After several shire meetings and planning approvals and reassurances, permission was granted.

house lounge room.JPG
original reception and practise manager room.JPG

The inside of the original residential house in Noranda in 1992

The partner of one of the dental assistants I was working with was a builder and with him we planned the offices using the existing structure, changing some doorways and access, converting the bathroom to a steri/lab and the laundry to the bathroom. A friend of mine is a cabinet maker, and he made the surgery fittings and office furniture.

camboon road house bathroom.JPG
original Sterilisation room.JPG

Transformation of the original bathroom into the sterilisation room

So, in 1992/1993 the surgery and office for Nicki (my wife), who was now working privately, came into being.

As I came busier, I reduced the time spent at other practices and after about 9-10 months was now full time at 73 Camboon.

73 Camboon Road Noranda.JPG
carpark and landscaping.JPG

The commencement of Camboon Road Dental CLinic 1992/1993

About 8 years later, we “redecorated” with a different paint job, new carpets and some new office furniture and blinds.

Noranda Dental Reception and payment area.JPG

Original Reception Room for Camboon Road complete with Bankcard and Credit Card!

clinical surgery from the 90s.JPG

Dental Sugery and Technology from the 90s

The next refurbishment took place when I redid the surgery about 5 years ago.  New chair, suction, new flooring, repainting, new signage, new aircon. (I had a fairly new compressor because a few years before someone stole the compressor on a weekend when coincidently we were in Bali 😊 ).  The surgery cupboards were redesigned, replaced and extra storage built in.  A big part of this was electrical, because up till then the old wiring, switchboard etc, was still being used. So that was the situation in 2020.

patient wating room 90s.JPG
Noranda Dental Centre Reception.JPG

Updating of the patients wating room and reception areas with new carpeting and furniture

Dr Brian meets Dr Carla

A history of Camboon Road Dental/Dentista Dental Centre - By Dr Carla Graneri 2021

Early 2019 I attended an Australian Dental Association lecture about splint design and ran into an old friend from uni who I hadn't seen in a few years because he'd been living in Canada. We had a lot to catch up on! Another dentist clearly wanted to talk to my friend as well, and the other dentist was Dr Hurwitz! And so we were introduced! I told Brian that although I'd never been inside his practice, I'd gone past it most days of my life as I grew up in Sunderland Place, off Camboon road!

I went to see Brian some months later, heavily pregnant to see about working together. He told me to go and have my baby and come back. So I did and the rest is history!

73 Camboon Premises.JPG

Noranda Dental Clinic as it looked when Dr Carla Graneri joined Dr Brian Hurwitz

Camboon Road Dental Becomes Dentista Dental Centre

A history of Camboon Road Dental/Dentista Dental Centre - By Dr Carla Graneri

After less than 12 months of working with Dr Hurwitz and his team, and getting to meet some of his lovely patients I knew this would be the place I'd like to settle down in. The purchase of the business was done 1 July 2021 and we haven't looked back since!

Dr Brian Hurwitz and Dr Carla Graneri.JPG

Dr Carla Graneri and Dr Brian Hurwitz with the opening of Dentista Dental Centre

Latest Renovations and the Future of Dentista Dental

A history of Camboon Road Dental/Dentista Dental Centre - By Dr Carla Graneri


In late 2021, we decided that it was time to get Noranda Dental Clinic up with the 21st century and inline with our new name Dentista Dental Centre. We have now added Airflow Master cleaning systems to service our patients, have obtained an OPG x ray machine (read Orthopantomogram) which can take an x ray of the upper jaw and lower jaws and all the teeth, as to give the dentist an overall picture of your mouth. For more info on what this does and what the value of x rays are to dentistry, have a read of our blog post on it here.

We have also purchased the new cerec milling machine. Cerec dentistry is the new frontier for dentistry, with it composing of CAD/CAM technology which maps out the patient's mouth and teeth. The information from this is then fed into the cerec machine, which has an in built milling machine. That is to say that it is a teeth manufacturing facility which we can now have on site. The advantage of this is many fold. Now the dentist can see exactly what needs to be made, and they can oversee this and make changes themselves to the design of the dental crown. This means that the end result will be much more precise for the patient. Secondly, you no longer have to get an impression and a temporary crown restoration, whilst the crown or inlay goes to the lab to be made. With the CEREC it can be done on site whilst you wait. It is also known as same day crowns or same day fillings depending on what you need done. Lastly, this can all be done for exactly the same price as traditional crowns or inlays... no extra cost for you. For more information about CEREC dentistry please click on our same day crowns page.

Demonstration of the CEREC system in dentistry. 

CEREC diagnol view.JPG

 CEREC CAD/CAM system - Same Day Crowns

We have turned our old waiting room into a large and modern sterilisation room, in order to  make room for all this new technology and associated tasks. We've added a little peep window in case you'd like to see what goes on behind the scenes!

Steri Renovation.JPG

New Sterilisation room so store our new Technology and Gadgets

Sterilisation Room Renovation.JPG

Added a peep window if you would like to look at the action behind the scenes

Lastly we have given the old Noranda Dental Clinic a bit of a facelift. We've painted the walls, painted the doors and the exterior. All surgery rooms have also been updated and modernised. Our computers have all been upgraded and have moved all records to digital. There is Netflix in the rooms for those who want to catch up on the latest TV shows and movies whilst receiving your treatment.

Netflix on the ceiling.JPG

All rooms have Netflix on the ceilings to catch up on your favourite shows

All in all we think the future looks bright for Dentista. We hope to be your go to Dentist in Noranda and Dentist in Morley for the next 20 years. If you would like to see a bit more detail about what we have actually renovated and upgraded, please see our page on this here.

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