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Mouth Guards Perth

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Mouth guards Perth: You probably have a friend, or have heard a story about a friend of a friend, or your child's friend, who has had a dental injury playing sport. You may even have noticed someone who has a grey or black front tooth. 


You will then know the value of a custom mouth guard!


If you are playing any kind of sport that involves contact then you could benefit from mouth guard for soccer, basketball mouth guard, a football mouth guard, mouth guard for boxing, mixed martial arts, netball, rugby, cricket etc! That way your teeth and your brain are much more protected from a stray elbow, foot, or ball!

If you play any of these sports and do not have a custom mouth guard, it is important to understand the life long maintenance and cost associated with dental trauma! It can be years of treatment to fix and many thousands of dollars! Dentista Dental supply mouth guards Perth through a custom instillation and fitting for you.

🏑 Consequences of no mouth guard

⚾️ How much do mouth guards cost?

🥊 Are mouth guards covered by dental insurance?

🏈 Are mouth guards safe?

⚽️ How to look after your mouth guard

🦷 What to do in a dental emergency!

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Protect your smile with a mouth guard Perth - Mouthguards Perth


Possible consequences of no mouth guard

Mouth guards Perth - If you have seen someone with the grey or black front tooth it is usually a result of damage to the blood supply of the tooth from when the tooth got knocked during sport. The interruption of blood supply to the nerve causes the nerve inside the tooth to die. This often requires root canal treatment, which can also make the tooth grey if it wasn't already grey from the injury. Believe it or not, root canal is a good outcome from a dental injury!

More disastrous than the knock can be the total knocking out of a tooth! This is known as dental avulsion. When a tooth is knocked out of the jaw bone completely, the long term survival of the tooth is very poor. This often means a long expensive road of replanting the tooth, splinting, root canal, likely extraction and likely implant or denture in the long term. 


Sometimes it can seem like investing in a custom dental mouth guard Perth is a lot of money - $200 for a custom dental mouth guard from a Perth dentist can seem expensive when you can buy a boil and bite mouth guard from the pharmacy for $8!!! It is worth noting that if you have private health insurance your out of pocket expense would be much less.


We are a HBF Member Plus provider, and as an example the out of pocket expense for a single laminate mouth guard (single laminate is suitable for children) with HFB dental insurance is less than $60! A double laminated mouth guard (double mouth guard) will cost $110 and a triple laminated mouth guard )triple mouth guard) will cost $160. Spending this amount of money on a mouth guard Perth will absolutely save you both money and pain later on.


Mouth Guards Perth - FAQ

How much do mouth guards Perth cost?

The type and therefore the cost of a mouth guard Perth at Dentista Dental Centre depend on the level of intensity of the sport and the age of the wearer.

1. Mouth guard Perth - Single Laminate from $200

  • these are the mouth guards we recommend for kids

  • due to the growing and changing face in kids they will need to be replaced every year on average

2. Mouth guard Perth - Double Laminate from $250

  • these are the mouth guards we recommend for adults involved in medium level intensity sports such as basketball, soccer etc​

3. Mouth Gard Perth - Triple Laminate from $280

  • these are the mouth guards we recommend for adults involved in high impact sports such as boxing and mixed martial arts. 

Single, Double or Triple laminate (double mouth guard or triple mouth guard) refers to the number of layers, or laminations of the mouth guard material. The more laminations, the greater the cushioning and protection to the teeth and jaws. 

If you want to view a great resource with descriptions and pictures of the differences between boil and bite, single, and double lamination mouth guards, click here to check out a great article by Dr Heidi Aaronson.  

There are also optional extras which have an additional fee for your mouth guard Perth

  1. Mouth Guard Perth - Two or more colours (e.g. foot ball team colours/multicolour swirls): $15 extra

  2. Mouth Guard Perth - Your Name (helpful for not getting lost!): $15 extra

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Mouth Guard Perth - double mouth guard and triple mouth guard available

Are mouth guards covered by dental insurance?

Yes! The out of pocket cost to you for a single laminate mouth guard in Perth is less than $60 if you are with HBF and have dental cover! A double laminated mouth guard in Perth will be $110 and a triple laminated mouth guard will be $160

Are mouth guards safe?

It depends on the type!


If you use a custom fitted mouth guard then the answer is, YES! If you use an over the counter mouth guard, then NO! 

Mouth guards Perth work by absorbing and spreading the impact from a damaging blow. This is very important to note. Think of a custom fit mouth guard as like a shock absorber for your jaw. Mouth guards don't just protect your teeth, but a mouth guard can also reduce the impact to your brain! Other injuries mouth guards protect the wearer from are broken jaws, broken teeth, cut lips and cut tongue.


Custom fitted mouth guards, which are made from a mould of your teeth, fit your teeth intimately. This means they don't move around, so the wearer can breathe and speak well. On the other hand, over the counter mouth guards, or boil and bite mouth guards do not fit the teeth well, so they drop down. This impacts breathing, will not adequately protect the teeth (think of a loose seatbelt!), and can actually be a hazard if they get dislodged to the back of the throat on impact!

How to look after your mouth guard?

Mouth guards Perth... so how do you look after them? A well maintained mouth guard for a non-growing wearer can last many years. Of course if you are someone who uses it every day then it will wear down quicker, but it will still last many seasons! To look after your mouth guard follow these guidelines

  • rinse with water after use

  • keep safely in its case

  • keep out of reach of dogs! Doggies find them delicious!

  • keep out of direct sunlight 

Dental Emergency!! What to do if a tooth is injured in a sport accident? Dental First aid:

Time is of the essence when there is a dental injury! Often it is difficult to access care as sport can take place on weekends and after hours! 

If you or your child has been involved in a dental injury, give us a call or email ASAP! We are open Saturdays

We have a much more detailed page on emergency dental care which deals with possible knocked, damaged or knocked out teeth. It will tell you first steps on what to do and also what not to do... but come and see us as soon as possible.

For other resources, please click here to view an excellent resource from the Australia Dental Association for Dental First Aid. 

We have seen and continue to see many injuries that sadly were preventable. Please consider a custom mouth guard from Dentista, leaders for your mouth guard Perth.

A quick guide for dental injuries:

Baby Teeth:

If there has been an injury to a baby tooth and it has been knocked out do not replant it. The developing adult teeth are right under the gum and attempting to replant a baby tooth can damage the very delicate developing adult tooth underneath.

If you are not sure place the tooth in milk and bring it to the dentist who will assess it. Milk is very friendly to the delicate cells that hold the tooth in the jaw bone. It can keep them alive which very helpful. Conversely, water is very bad for these delicate cells and can kill them quickly! If you don't have access to milk, it is recommended to wrap the tooth in cling wrap.  

Adult Teeth:

If there has been an injury to an adult tooth and it has been knocked out place it in a glass of milk ASAP.


Only touch the white part of the tooth (crown), not the bit that was under the gum with red gum attached to it. Do not scrub it or place it in water.  

If you feel confident to do so, rinse off any dirt with milk and place it back into the hole it came out from in the mouth. Make sure it is facing the right way forward (any lumps should be on the palate side). You can use Aluminium Foil to make a temporary splint until you see your dentist. See the photo below at the bottom of the page!  

Mouth guards Perth for Grinding and Snoring:
If you're after mouth guards for grinding (also known as night guards or occlusal splints) or mouth guards for snoring (also known as mandibular advancement splints), click here! Buy mouth guard with Dentista Dental today - mouthguard Perth.


Mouthguard Perth

buy mouth guard - Dentista Dental Centre is where you can buy a custom dental mouth guard Perth. Your teeth are an investment so why not take the precautions and purchase a mouth guard from Dentista. A dentist mouth guard will protect your teeth and prevent concussions and other serious trauma that may occur when playing your favourite sport.

Mouth Guards Perth
Above: Aluminium Foil Splints for Dental Trauma!
Dr Carla Graneri with her colleague Dr Meheransh Chopra in 2009 in their final year of dental school.  Mouthguards Perth
ADA member for mouth guards
Click here for the ADA dental emergency trauma guide. Mouthguards Perth
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