Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I go with Dentista compared to other Dental Practices?

This is a good question! There are many Morley Dentists, Noranda Dentists and Dianella Dentists, you should find one that suits you!

At Dentista you are the boss of your treatment! We are passionate about oral health and we are constantly striving to make your experience better. If you like to know what's going on, and like to interact with people who enjoy their work then we may be a good fit for you and your family.

Dr Carla is a life long learner and after completing her Bachelor of Dental Science BDSc (Hons) at the University of Western Australia (UWA) in 2009, continued her learning in the field. She completed the Primary Examinations with the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons (RACDS) before moving onto the field of Aestheitc Dentistry. She completed the GIDE Master Clinician of Implant Dentistry Course in the United States and Sydney (Global Institute of Dental Education) and now is currently studying for a diploma of aesthetic dentistry with Portsmouth University in the United Kingdom. We are always striving for better ways of doing things.

Costs and Pricing

What is the cost of a filling?

The costs of fillings depend on lots of factors - front or back tooth / how many surfaces the filling covers the tooth / material of the filling / if any other things are required for example adding pins, posts, edges or cusps to the tooth. For an accurate estimate of the cost we recommend an in person consultation.

Front tooth white fillings item code 521 starting from $155**

Back tooth white fillings item code 531 starting from $165**

**prices current 2021

If you have dental cover with your private health insurance, they will cover a certain amount. To know exactly what your private health insurance will cover we can provide you with a quote in the surgery via the HICAPS machine, or we can provide you with a detailed estimate you can check with your insurer.

What is the cost of a porcelain veneer or a crown?

The cost of porcelain veneers and crowns depends if any other work needs to be done to the tooth prior to making the veneer or crown, for example if the tooth needs the existing crown or veneer cut off, if the tooth needs a new filling to go under the crown or veneer etc. For an accurate estimate of the cost we recommend an in person consultation.

Veneers item code 556 starting from $1300**

Porcelain Crown item code 613 starting from $1500**

We use skilled local technicians from Creations Dental Ceramics in West Perth to fabricate the custom ceramic work for our patients. 

**prices current 2021

If you have major dental cover with your private health insurance, they will cover a certain amount. To know exactly what your private health insurance will cover we can provide you with a quote in the surgery via the HICAPS machine, or we can provide you with a detailed estimate you can check with your insurer.

Preferred Providers - what does this mean?

The term preferred provider means the practice has a relationship with the private health insurer. For you, the patient, this means that the out of pocket expense is generally lower. For the dental practice, this means their fees are controlled by the health fund.

We currently are part of the Member Plus Agreement with HBF - this was previously known as the Preferred Provider Scheme.

I'm with HBF!

Great! We are part of the HBF Member Plus Agreement. This means that for Preventative Dental Treatment HBF members are guaranteed to get 75%, 85% or 100% back. 

In addition, eligible HBF members get one scale and clean fully covered per calendar year. And did we mention we are the only Dentist in the Morley/Noranda/Dianella area with the Airflow dental cleaning machine?? If you have sensitive teeth, or like your teeth cleaned really thoroughly then this is the cleaning machine for you!

I'm not with HBF - does this mean I can't use my private health fund?

We accept all health funds!

How do I know what my health fund will cover?

To find out what you will get back for you dental treatment with your private health insurance (PHI), we can do a quote in surgery with your card. The amount you get back depends on your private health insurer, your level of cover, any waiting periods, and how much treatment you have already had in the billing period (most PHIs had an annual 'cap' or general and major dental). It is best to have a consultation first and we can determine a treatment plan and the associated item codes you require.

How much you get back from your particular insurer depends on a few factors

  1.  who you are insured with - some cover a lot and some cover a little

  2. your level of cover - do you have general dental, or major dental as well?

  3. waiting periods - do you have to serve any waiting period?

  4. limit of cover per year - what is the annual 'cap' of cover your insurer will provide? For example if you require $600 worth of treatment, will you get rebates for the whole $600 or is your limit $500 and the remaining $100 receives no cover?

  5. when your annual calendar renews - most PHIs are calendar year, there are some that are financial year. You may choose to stage your treatment to receive the maximum rebates

  6. how long you have been a member - this may dictate how much you are entitled to get back

How do I pay using my health insurance? 

To claim your dental insurance on the day of your treatment you need to have your physical card with you. We swipe your card and your health insurance pays us directly via the HICAPS machine. We cannot use a card number or the card on your phone, it needs to be physically swiped (don't blame us! It's outdated technology!!!)

Most Private Health Insurers require we process the payment on the day of treatment, so if you are unable to bring your card with you to your appointment, or you have forgotten it, we will be unable to process your rebate in the practice. We suggest you pay the full price of your treatment and then you can claim back your rebate from your insurer online or at the branch... or if you live close by pop back and grab it!

Why don't you list all your prices on the website?

Comparing prices can be fraught with danger!


Read here to understand how not all fillings are created equal! The same goes with crowns and veneers - where are they being fabricated, how much planning has been done to ensure an optimal outcome for you and your tooth with minimal cutting of the tooth, what is the material being used ? 

We offer competitive pricing! We also can assist with payment options (see below 'The treatment I want is quite expensive, do you offer any finance or payment plans?'.

Should I get some treatment before and then after a calendar/financial year?

If you are hoping to have a lot of treatment done that exceeds the limit for one year this may be an option to maximise your private health insurance rebate. Part of your treatment can be completed in one year, and the rest the following year once your rebate has renewed. This sometimes works depending on your treatment.

For example  - dental implants require several months of healing between the first stage of the treatment and the final stage of the treatment. If you have the first stage done in one calendar year, you can have the final stage the following year when your private health insurance rebate has refreshed.

If you are hoping to do this with cosmetic treatment, it can be a bit trickier as it will mean a lot longer time in temporaries, and more time in the dental chair as we split up the treatment. 

The treatment I want is quite expensive, do you offer any finance or payment plans?


We are pleased to offer easy payment options with National Dental Plan. This no interest fortnightly payment option is fast and easy to apply for within minutes! We require a 20% deposit to commence your treatment, and treatment up to $12,000 is covered.    

Can I use my Superannuation to pay for treatment?

Compassionate Release of Superannuation is a helpful way to fund dental treatment that you require. To meet the criteria you must have been suffering from a chronic or acute dental pain. We can help you with this process and advise if you are a suitable candidate. 

For more information see the Australian Taxation Office website here

Will my dental insurance cover cosmetic dental treatments?

The answer depends on many things - see above 'How Do I Know What My Health Fund Will Cover?'.


Some funds cover well for cosmetic treatments (for example HBF cover over $200 towards the Zoom! in chair whitening procedure!) and others cover very little (for example BUPA).  

If you have major dental cover then most funds cover crowns, veneers, bridges etc.

IF you don't have major dental cover, you may still be covered for resin veneers as are they're considered general dental.  

First Appointment FAQs

Do I need to arrive early for my first appointment?

Arriving 5-10minutes prior to your appointment will give you sufficient time to fill in our new patient form, if you haven't already filled it in prior.

What should I do if I want to transfer my x-rays and records from a previous dentist?

If you would like to transfer your records you can fill in and sign a 'Release of Records' form that we will send to your previous provider. This can be done via email. There is no fee associated with this service, and it is very common. If you'd like your records to be available for your appointment, please allow a couple of days for the transfer to occur.

You definitely don't need to transfer your records for us to provide you with dental care. 

What do I need to bring to my first appointment?

Please bring;

  • a current list of your medications

  • your private health insurance physical card (if you have one and would like us to claim your rebate at the time of your treatment) 

How long will my first appointment last?

Our new patient appointments for a check up and clean with the Airflow Master are 45 minutes.

We offer 15minute consultation appointments as well.