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Afterpay Dental

Afterpay Dentist

Looking for an Afterpay dentist? Dentista Dental Centre has partnered up with Afterpay so you can pay for any dental treatment over 4 payments rather than a lump sum. Find out more information from our Afterpay Dental page below

Afterpay Dentist Perth

We are partnered with Afterpay as the category dentist Afterpay. Dentista Dental Centre provides Afterpay in order to make treatments affordable for everyone. Its a simple system that's both easy to set up and use, after which you can use for a dentist Afterpay and associated treatment. You can use Afterpay with any dental procedure or treatment that we offer. Using Afterpay will not have any affect on how you claim your Private Health Insurance.

Afterpay Dentist and expensive dental treatment. Can I use Afterpay?


We are pleased to offer easy payment options as we are categorised as an Afterpay dentist. We will explain the process for you below.

Afterpay Dentist Perth
Afterpay Dentist

Dentist Afterpay will break down your treatment payments into 4 smaller parts which you can pay fortnightly.

Dentist Afterpay Perth

If you are coming from the Afterpay site and are looking for Afterpay for dental services, Dentista Dental Centre is an Afterpay dentist Perth in the suburbs or Morley, Noranda, Dianella, Beechboro

Dentist Afterpay on the App

Looking for a dentist Afterpay? Just download the app on your phone! All you need to sign up, is to have a credit card and be over the age of 18. Afterpay will determine your starting limit based on your credit rating. The more your shop with Afterpay, the higher your limit becomes!

If you have used Afterpay Before

If you have used Afterpay before, then you know exactly how it works! You will have a credit amount that you can check in your App. We will be able to let you know what your treatment will cost prior to starting. You just tap your phone and you're good to go! 

If you haven't used Afterpay Before

If you have not used Afterpay before, it's a quick and easy process to get started. Firstly you need to download the app on your phone. As stated, to sign up all you need is a credit card and to be over 18 years of age. Afterpay will then determine how much money you have available with Afterpay. 

For example, you may sign up and have $350 available to make purchases with Afterpay. The more purchases you make with Afterpay (and the more successful repayments you make with them), the more your balance will increase for the next time. If you, for example, start off with $350 and make several purchases, you may increase your Afterpay limit over time and make your way up to $1000 or more.

Download in the app store or google play store!

Afterpay Dentist

Dentista Dental Centre is a member and is registered as a dentist Afterpay. If you wish to view our page on the Afterpay website, please click here. 

Using the afterpay app and afterpay barcode

Dentista Dental Centre is a member and is registered as dentist Afterpay. If you wish to view our page with Afterpay, please click here. 

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