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Is Soda Water Bad for Your Teeth?

The following information page attempts to answer the question, is soda water good for you and specifically, is soda water bad for your teeth? See our experimental video below using a sodastream machine with pH meter and follow up article.

Is soldastream healthy? Well maybe.. but is soda water bad for your teeth?

Is Soda Water Good for you?

Soda Water has become a very popular drink for its perceived health benefits. In this video we take a look at Soda Stream, which is an at home device that creates soda water by dissolving carbon dioxide into tap water. The question is, is sodastream healthy and is soda water good for you? Soda water may not have any sugar in it, but we take a look to see where the hidden acid is find out is soda water is bad for your teeth.

Is soda water good for you... Check out our Sensitive Teeth Acid Erosion page to learn more about acid and pH of common foods and drinks that may be harming your teeth.  ​

Video Transcript

Hi guys, welcome to this video in the 'What pH is that series'. Today we are talking about soda stream and we ask the question is sodastream healthy? Lots of people love soda stream because its touted as a healthy, quick, fast, convenient, refreshing drink and people think it's healthier than having a soft drink because soda stream has no sugar. On the soda stream website it also claims that it's better for your dental health because you're using tap water, which is fluorinated, so fluoride water is good for your teeth right? So why not drink soda water... is soda stream healthy and is soda water good for you? Today we are actually going to check that out, and see from a dental perspective... is soda water bad for your teeth. Let's get to it.


Have you ever wondered what makes the bubbles in soda water? Where does it magically come from? Is this a magic machine that just creates the bubbles? Well this (points to sodastream machine) has a little carbon dioxide canister in here. What creates the bubbles is the carbon dioxide dissolving in the water. If you look at the chemistry of it... carbon dioxide dissolved in water becomes carbonic acid... ACID... they don't tell you that anywhere do they? Do you want to be drinking acid all day long? Its probably not good for you. So let's check is soda water is bad for your teeth. This soda stream has 3 levels of fizziness, so I have 3 different cups here, we are going to test the pH of each level of fizziness. I'm going to guess that the more fizzy we go, the more acid we have in there because we have got more carbon dioxide dissolving... so lets check it out.


So here we go... the first level of fizziness. This is fizzy level 1 (pours into the glass and takes the pH reading)

It seems to be settled on a pH of 5.1


Now we are doing fizzy level 2. (pours into the glass and takes the pH reading)


pH 4.7


So this is fizzy level 3 (pours into the glass and takes the pH reading) That is a very satisfying sound with those bubbles I have to admit.


pH 4.9


The pH of soda water seemed to be around 4.7 to 5 pH. Now as we know, any pH that is less than 5.5 will suck the mineral out of your teeth, like the dementor sucks the soul out of Harry Potter. You definitely don't want to be sipping on something all day long that is sucking the minerals out of your teeth. Is sodastream healthy and is soda water good for you? Absolutely enjoy soda water with a meal or enjoy it as a drink. Is soda water bad for your teeth? Well it is ok but do not substitute it for regular tap water for your regular hydration throughout the day because if you are constantly sipping on it, you are constantly creating a pH in your mouth that is going to suck the minerals out. That makes you at a higher risk of getting decay and getting other sorts of acid erosion legions which you don't want. Is sodastream healthy? Well is all relative.. if you are comparing it to other fizzy drinks or are just drinking it with a meal then yes it can be considered healthy. If however you are sipping on soda water all day however as a substitute for water, then its difficult to say that soda water is good for you. The more specific question in this case would be is soda water bad for your teeth? The answer here then is that if you are constantly sipping it, then yes soda water is bad for your teeth. Sipping soda water will create an acidic environment in your mouth which leaves you more open to decay.


So enjoy soda water just don't put it in your drink bottle. Drinking it out of a straw also doesn't help, because it just directs the soda water up to your top teeth.


In summary, is sodastream healthy? definitely enjoy your soda water. It's much better for you than drinking a soft drink because it doesn't have any sugar, but when it comes to your teeth, is soda water bad for your teeth? If you sip it all day then yes! Don't substitute it for regular tap water/filtered water.


Having said that... cheers guys thanks for watching.... it is very refreshing.

Is Soda Water Good for You

Is soda water good for you? It's slightly more complicated than you would think... and it's relative. Consider the 6 points below.

  1. Nutritional Value: Soda water typically contains no calories, sugar, or artificial sweeteners, so while it does not provide any nutritional value, it also doesn't provide some of the harm that other beverages have in terms of sugar. Is soda water good for you though? This is a hard stretch to say and more likely it's seen as a healthier alternative to sugary sodastream type drinks. Some brands may contain added vitamins and minerals.

  2. Hydration: Soda water can contribute to hydration, which is important for overall health and wellbeing, but is soda water good for you in terms of hydration... yes! It's essentially water with carbonation.

  3. Dental Health.. which is our focus here: Is soda water bad for your teeth? If you're a fan of soda water, make sure you're also a fan of your dentist - because those bubbles can erode your teeth. As we learned in the above video, carbonated beverages, including soda water, can erode tooth enamel over time. Therefore, it's essential to consume them in moderation and rinse your mouth with water after drinking. As we learned, the act of sipping soda water can also leave the environment in your mouth acidic over a long period of time. 

  4. Digestive Health: Some people find that consuming carbonated beverages can cause bloating or discomfort. If you have a sensitive stomach, you may want to limit your intake.

  5. Sodium Content: Some brands of soda water may contain added sodium, which can contribute to high blood pressure in some people. Check the label to ensure the sodium content is within your recommended daily limit.

  6. Personal Preferences: Ultimately, the question is soda water good for you will depend on your individual preferences and dietary needs. If you enjoy the taste and find it helps you stay hydrated, it may be a good choice for you. If you would drink sugary beverages if you didn't consume soda water, then yes it would be a better alternative... however compared to water, is soda water good for you? No... is soda water bad for your teeth? Yes

If you can, consumer water! it's the healthier choice.

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