Dr Carla Graneri

Dr Carla Graneri, Dentist Noranda, Dentist Morley

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Dr Carla Graneri, Dentist Noranda and Dentist Morley.

Female Dentist - General Dentist

HBF Preferred Dentist

I have wanted to be a dentist ever since I was 11 and braces changed my life for the better! Check out my before and after photos below, or on Instagram @drcarlathedentista and Facebook Dentista Dental Centre to see the transformation for yourself! I understand the impact smile transformation has on your life because I've experienced my own smile transformation!

Dr Carla shows her teeth before braces and her teeth today!

Dr Carla is a female dentist who services as a Morley Dentist and Noranda Dentist.

Dr Carla has completed her bachelor of dental science with honours from UWA in 2009 (BDSc (Hons)).


My first year of work was servicing rural and remote Aboriginal Communities around WA. This was an extremely valuable time, and I am grateful I got to see so much of this beautiful country and meet some amazing characters!

Continuing to learn is very important to me. I know that this is the best way to ensure I am able to offer the best service to the patients I see. Some of my most impactful learnings have been sitting the primary exams for the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons in 2010, and completing the Global Institute of Dental Education Master Clinician program in Implant Dentistry, California USA in 2018. Currently I am studying a Diploma of Aesthetic Dentistry with Portsmouth University, UK. I am on track to receive the certificate in 2022.

Female Dentist

Dr Carla - Female Dentist for Perth providing treatment for a patient

My areas of interest are cosmetic dentistry, implant dentistry and restorative dentistry (fillings). I spend a lot of my spare time looking at teeth, and consuming as much education as I can! After my years of getting to know many wonderful patients, I have cultivated a passion for empowering people through education. This has lead to the development of my YouTube Channel, Dr Carla the Dentista. My husband helps me produce content about dental procedures and acid erosion, check it out

In my life outside of work I enjoy yoga, to keep my mind and body bendy. Since childhood I also enjoy making things with my hands like sewing, baking, or any type of crafting - like making papier-mâché piñata heads of myself, my husband and our dog for our wedding! 

If you are looking for a female dentist or a dentist in Morley or dentist in Noranda, book in with Dr Carla today!

Dr Carla Graneri
Dr Carla at her wedding with her husband Rob and piñtas  of them and their dog Arnie!
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