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Whitening Video

Whitening teeth by bleaching them is an excellent way to rejuvenate your smile!


When done professionally, bleaching does not cause any damage to your teeth at all. It is a safe, fast, conservative treatment.

Check out our Dentista video, or check out more information here.


In this Video we show you and explain the procedure for in chair whitening using the Zoom! system by Phillips. There are lots of different systems and products available. For an excellent result, with minimal sensitivity we like the Zoom! system!

I have been a practicing Dentist in Morley, Perth Western Australia since 2009. With these videos I hope to inform and educate ways to improve your oral health, and explain common dental procedures. Through our YouTube channel (you can find the link here) I hope to take away some of the fear and unknown when it comes to visiting the dentist! 


Hi guys, so we’ve got the beautiful Amy here, and we’re just about to do some Zoom! Whitening for her. We also have Catherine, hi everybody, and she’s the Zoom! rep, so it’s going to be a great time!


It’s important that before you have your teeth bleached you have a check up and clean. We did a beautiful Airflow clean for Amy and checked all her teeth.. Check out our video on the Airflow Master Clean.


Now, what makes Zoom! Such a good bleach system?


Firstly, the concentration of bleach in Zoom is actually less than its competitors - because the bleach stays longer on your teeth with Zoom, this actually allows the bleach to penetrate deeper into your tooth - giving you a brighter, whiter smile with less sensitivity!


Secondly, you can see this LED light - this helps to wake up and activate the product, so each little bleach molecule is working its hardest.


And, thirdly, look how well Amy’s gums are protected with Zoom!, not all systems are this safe! And the consistency is a beautiful puffy gel, unlike its slimier competitors. This means we are able to safely apply a sufficient amount of product so it really has an opportunity to work on the teeth.


You can see here Amy’s teeth look super white. It’s important to know that if you have crowns or filings they will not bleach.


C: So Amy you just had your teeth bleached with the Zoom! whitening. How did you go?


A: Went good! I can definitely notice a lot of difference! They’re much whiter. They look really good, I’m really happy with them!


C: Great!


C: and how did the procedure feel? Was it comfortable? A: Yes it was quite comfortable! I didn’t feel like I had to… I was relaxed! I didn’t feel too uncomfortable

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