White Fillings

White fillings are the bread and butter of modern dentistry. 

Why would I need a White Filling?

There are many reasons teeth can benefit from white fillings. These include:

  • fixing a decay (hole) in a front or back tooth

  • improving the colour of a front or back tooth

  • improving the shape of a front or back tooth AKA 'resin veneer' / 'bonding'

  • improving the biting surfaces of front or back teeth

  • protecting exposed root surfaces of teeth that have been damaged due to acids

  • replacing an old silver (amalgam) filling that has created cracks in your tooth

  • replacing an old silver (amalgam) or white filling that has broken or gotten decay underneath it

What are White Fillings made of?

White fillings, known as composite resin, are synthetic materials that combine tiny filler particles of glass, mineral, or resin in a mouldable matrix. There are coupling agents that join the fibers together when blue light is applied. This means the resin material can go in to the cavity surface and adapt into all the nooks and crannies. Once the blue light is applied, the resin sets hard and is safe to chew on. 

The type of filler particles, the percentage of filler in the matrix, and the size of the filler all determine the physical properties of the resin, and which resin is best applied in different parts of the mouth.

What is super important is the attachment of the filling to the tooth, this is known as the 'bond'. Having a strong bond means less likelihood of sensitivity, less chance the filling will get decay under it again, and a. stronger filling. At Dentista we strive to follow 'Biomimetic' protocols. This means we use the gold standard materials and techniques and take the time and care necessary to create a strong bond of the filling to your tooth. Not all fillings are created equal!

Dentista White Fillings