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Dr Saul Todres

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Dentist Dr Saul Todres Bio

Dr Saul Todres - Dentist Noranda, Dentist Morley at Dentista Dental Centre

Male Dentist, General Dentist

I was born in South Africa, and then moved to Perth in 1996 with my parents, older brother and younger sister. I’ve lived mostly in Perth, attending school and university here, with a few years spent in Sydney.

What is my philosophy in Dentistry and my work?

I strive to practice ethically and use an evidence based approach. I believe in giving my patients a complete understanding of their dental health and treatment options and delivering treatment at the highest standard, with gentleness and attention to detail. Ultimately, I want to give my patients the same level of care I would want for myself or my family.

What is my Education, and ongoing learning in the profession?

Dr Saul Todres Jewish Dentist
Dr Saul Todres and the team at Dentista Dental Centre

What is my experience?

I have worked in the public and private sectors in many areas of Perth and the South West including Bunbury, Warwick, Midland, Nedlands, Carine and Noranda.

What are my areas of interest?

I enjoy all areas of general dentistry, however my favourite aspects of my work are the opportunities to immediately resolve significantly painful conditions and improve cosmetic issues. In these situations, treatment can have an immensely positive impact on my patients’ quality of life and self esteem.


What interests/hobbies/passions do I have outside of dentistry?

I like to take full advantage of the beautiful Perth beaches and sea breeze in the summer by kitesurfing. I also like to keep fit and active with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training. I am always on the lookout for good restaurants, books and movies.

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ADA member
Dr Saul Todres dentist with the ADA
Dr Saul Scuba Diving at the Great Barrier Reef!
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