Dentist Extraction

Extractions are removal of teeth. There are many reasons a tooth is better off out of your mouth than in!

Some reasons a tooth may benefit from being extracted are;

  • it is cracked and cannot be fixed

  • it is giving you pain 

  • it is infected

  • to improve the alignment of your teeth by creating more space

  • there is no space for it to come through (for example, wisdom teeth)

To remove a tooth we get everything very numb. We then wiggle the tooth out. We are the go-to destination to have your tooth gently removed in the Noranda, Morley and Dianella area

extraction photo
A lovely patient having a surgical extraction with the nitrous oxide (laughing gas) sedation

Sometimes we need to section the tooth into smaller segments, or remove a bit of the bone holding the tooth. If this is the case we push the gum back, and you will go home with some stitches and a script for antibiotics and pain relief.

If you are anxious about having your tooth removed, we have laughing gas and other options to help relax you. Give us a call to chat about your options!