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Article for Dentista Dental Centre

We have given the practice a makeover! We have updated both our equipment and facility so we can continue to be your dentist for the next 20 years! We have recently been published in an article by the Western Articulator, which is the predominant magazine published by the Australian Dental Association WA. The article was called "Tales of Renovation" and features our dental clinic. You can read the article 'Tales of Renovation' -  here on page 6.

Western Aurticulator.JPG

An Update to the Facility

If you have been to the practice recently, you will have noticed some changes. We have been updating both the facility and technologies of the practice to make our dental clinic the premier facility in Morley and Noranda.

We want you to feel comfortable when you have your visit to the dentist. We have transformed our facilities to a warm inviting and comfortable area where you can feel at home and at ease. We have continued the tradition of Camboon Road Dental Centre and the home style it has always has had.

The reception and waiting room have been revamped and given a makeover, with the bathroom also being given an update. We have increased the size of the bathroom and updated the layout to be more disabled friendly. There is now ample room for any wheelchairs or other requirements you may have. Our Sterilisation room has also now doubled in size. This is so we can place new technologies such as the CEREC digital scanner and millling machine, OPG and other specialised equipment. The upgrade was completed in April 2022 and will see us and you through the next 20 years of treatment at our clinic. Check out some of the pictures below.

Morley Dental Cenre.JPG

Dentista Dental Centre - the old Jarrah flooring that was covered by carpet has now been given a new life

Kavo Dental Chairs

We have updated our dental chairs to the new Kavo Primus 1058 Life.  This has extended our highest and lowest positions for those who may have had trouble with getting in and out of the chair. We have intraoral cameras in each surgery to let us see and you see magnified views from inside the mouth. We also have sensor intraoral X rays which give us an immediate image, no waiting for images to develop / go through a scanner. 

Cerec Primescan and Primemill

Dentista Dental Centre has purchased the new Cerec, one day crowns system which includes an on site milling and digital scanning machine. This is stored in the clinics sterilisation room and with it access to the wonderful world of cerec dentistry. We can mill a crown in about 20 minutes. The machine uses CAD/CAM and can produce a crown or inlay/only while you wait. No more sending to the laboratory and needing multiple appointments. You can now receive a crown treatment or inlay/onlay treatment in just one visit. To find out more, click here.

OPG X ray

Behind the scenes at Dentista, we have updated our X ray machine and capabilities. An OPG is an Orthopantomogram, allowing us to see a panoramic view of the whole mouth, including both the teeth and the upper and lower jaw. The OPG itself will move around the patients head whilst conducting the x ray. In essence it will give the dentist an overall picture of your entire mouth. The process is quick and painless, with an entre scan lasting less than 30 seconds. With this piece of equipment, you will no longer have to go off to a radiology centre and now can be done in the same visit when you are at the dentist. If you wish to find out more about OPG x ray or interoral x rays and what we have, check out our article on x rays here.


As part of the renovation, we have included the car park area. There is ample free parking. To find out more about parking, directions and how to get and park to Dentista, please go to our contact page.

Internet - Netflix

We now have internet and Netflix for your viewing pleasure in our new surgery rooms and waiting room. Tune into your favourite series while you receive treatment!


As you can see below, we've given the place a bit of a facelift. We have painted inside and out, all flooring has been re done and we've even done a bit of art around the place.

Morley Dental Centre painting.JPG

Everyone helped and pitched in!

Morley Dental Centre Renovation.JPG

We removed the plaster to expose the original brickwork

Morley Dental Centre helping hand.JPG

And of course we gave the place a thorough clean

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