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Dental Check up

When you visit the dentist for a check up, we're not just checking your teeth! We check your lymph nodes and jaw joints, chewing muscles, the way you bite and move your jaw, your gums, all the pink bits (called soft tissues), gums, and then finally your teeth.

The mouth is a gateway to the body, and there are signs and symptoms in the mouth that give us great insight into the health of the rest of the body.

One example is when we do our check we are looking for oral cancers. Often oral cancers start as painless, non healing ulcers. That's right painless = no pain. If you have an ulcer that you can't feel, it can grow, which means the cancer grows. If you were to visit the dentist, this will get picked up whilst the ulcer is still nice and small. Make sure you organise to have a regular check up at least every 6 mont

Dental Clean

At Dentista Dental Centre we take comfort and cleaning seriously! We have invested in new Swiss technology called the Airflow Master. This special machine cleans your teeth with a very fine powder, high pressure air and water. Any build up on your teeth that is left over is then gently removed with the traditional ultrasonic scaler, but the Airflow warms the water!

If you suffer from sensitive teeth, or dread going to the dentist to have your teeth cleaned, then this is the best option for you! 

Check out our blog post here for more info! Or, check out our Dentista Airflow video if you'd like to see the Airflow in action on a real person!

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Dentista Check Up and Clean

Why do you need a Scale and Clean?

One of the major benefits of regular checks and cleans is that any cavities can be picked up when they are nice and small. Dental cavities are infections in the tooth. Once you have a cavity it will only grow bigger and bigger, which means the chances of needing a root canal due to pain and infection also become bigger and bigger. 

A scale and clean starts due to plaque turning into tartar. Plaque is soft and it is what we try to get rid of when we brush and floss. If we miss sections however, such as between the teeth or near the gums (or even under the gums), then this soft plaque turns into hard scale which you can no longer clean off at home anymore. This is also known as tartar or calculus. After this point the only way to remove the hard scale is through a scale and clean with a dentist. The dentist will then use a technology such as the Airflow Master to gently but effectively remove the hard scale or calculus from your teeth. We show you how to get the best out of your at home cleaning routine. 

Good dental hygiene plus a visit for a dental check up with a scale and clean once every 6 months will get you the best chance of keeping both your teeth and gums healthy.

Please take a look at our video below which takes you through the process of a scale and clean with the Dentist using the latest technology of the Airflow Master. Note the difference both with the effectiveness at removing the hard scale in the hard to reach places, combined with the gentle removal of the plaque with nothing more than fine powder, high pressure air and water. Watch for your self and check out the result!