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Dental Check up and Clean

Dental Check Up and Clean

A Dental check up and clean with Dentista has never been easier or more gentle. A new technology called the EMS Airflow master is available in all our surgery rooms. Using high pressure air and water mixed with tiny particles will literally make it feel like nothing at all is happening.  Don't be fooled though as the new scale and clean EMS Airflow technology is much more effective and thorough than a traditional scale and clean.


Take a look at the video below and have your next dental cleaning experience with the dentists at Dentista. The video will take you through a dental check up and clean with the new EMS Airflow and what to expect with an EMS dental check up and clean visit.

Dental check up and clean using the EMS Airflow

Teeth Cleaning Cost Perth

To jump to the section on teeth cleaning cost / dental checkup cost and costs and codes associated with your check up and clean, including for teeth cleaning cost Perth please click here.

EMS Airflow Dental Spa! Not Your Average Clean!

Dental Check up and clean

When you visit the practice for a dental check up and clean, we're not just checking your teeth! We check your lymph nodes and jaw joints, chewing muscles, the way you bite and move your jaw, your gums, all the pink bits (called soft tissues), gums, and then finally your teeth.

The mouth is a gateway to the body, and there are signs and symptoms in the mouth that give us great insight into the health of the rest of the body.

One example is when we do our check we are looking for oral cancers. Often oral cancers start as painless, non healing ulcers. That's right painless = no pain. If you have an ulcer that you can't feel, it can grow, which means the cancer grows. If you were to visit the dentist, this will get picked up whilst the ulcer is still nice and small. Make sure you organise to have a regular check up at least every 6 months

Dentist check up and clean

A dental check up looks at much more than just cleaning your teeth

Dental Clean with the EMS Airflow

At Dentista Dental Centre we take comfort and cleaning seriously! We have invested in new Swiss technology called the EMS Airflow Master. This special dental cleaner machine cleans your teeth with a very fine powder, high pressure air and water. Any build up on your teeth that is left over is then gently removed with the traditional ultrasonic scaler.

If you suffer from sensitive teeth, or dread going to the dentist to have your teeth cleaned, then this is the best option for you! 

Check out our EMS Airflow blog post for more info! 

EMS Airflow.png

Disclosing Solution

The first stage of you dental checkup and clean using EMS dental, is giving the dentist the ability to see exactly where the plaque and calculus is built up on the patient. Plaque and calculus by nature is not that easy to spot as it is the same colour as your teeth. Thus plaque and calculus can be especially difficult to see in those hard to reach and see places in the mouth, such as the joins and in between teeth. It's no surprise then that traditionally, these are the places where patients are most likely to have cavities. Due to this, one of the dental cleaning tools that is used with EMS dental, is to put on a disclosing solution to the teeth. Using a special disclosing solution allows for the plaque and calculus to show up purple.


The name for this treatment is guided Biofilm Therapy. What dose this actually mean? Well it's quite fascinating, but basically biofilm is the term that we use to describe all the micro organisms that live in a 'biofilm' on your teeth. These biofilm elements, start to cluster together and this is what forms plaque. The 'guided biofilm therapy' is a treatment where we use a disclosing solution that is able to be bonded onto the dental biofilm. Thus when it is 'guided' onto the teeth by the dentist, the disclosing solution shows us in a nice bright and loud colour (purple, and it's berry flavoured!).


We are then able to make a much more precise treatment for the second stage of your check up and clean, where we use the EMS Airflow powder, in order to get rid of our 'biofilm'. 

ems-disclosing for web.jpg

EMS dental starts with a disclosure solution which shows the dentist where plaque and calculus is.

EMS Airflow Powder

Once we have our disclosing solution on the patient, the next step is to use the EMS Airflow powder to 'polish' off the plaque highlighted by the disclosing solution. The powder itself is only 14 microns in size, which is so tiny that it is under the threshold to see with the naked eye. To give you some idea, check out the picture below.

How big is 14 Microns - Airflow Dentistry.PNG

The good thing about using a powder that is 14 microns in size is that unlike tradidiontal dental cleaning tools, the EMS Airflow powder can get into areas that the traditional scale and clean cannot. Some examples of this is if you have implants, or dental crowns, it is the only dental cleaning tool that can clean  under your implants, without damaging them. The second advantage of using dental cleaning tools such as the EMS Airflow powder is that it is so tiny, that while it is cleaning, you barely feel it. It just feels very soft and gentle.


The result is that during your dental check up and clean,  your teeth get a soft and gentle cleaning experience, but at the same time get a deep clean. For those of you who may have a little anxiety when going to the dentist, the EMS Airflow scale and clean really feels like nothing at all!

Scale and Clean Before and After

Check out some scale and clean before and after pics using the EMS Airflow. The first is a scale and clean before and after with a patient who is young, healthy and would be a stock standard patient that you could model the results off. 

Check out the before below

Dental check up and clean

Scale and Clean Before and After using the EMS airflow

The patient has the biofilm disclosing solution applied in order to show the plaque and calculus on the teeth. The results in a improved teeth cleaning process and result as the dentist can see exactly the areas where plaque and calculus is forming. It can also serve as a good information session to the patient. The dentist can use a mirror to show the patient where they may not be brushing or flossing effectively.


Now take a look at the after.

Dentist check up and clean

Scale and Clean Before and After using the EMS airflow

The dentist uses the EMS Airflow to gently but thoroughly remove all plaque and calculus off the teeth. Real patient and real result.

Next, below we can see first a picture of the EMS Airflow machine. Secondly we can see a scale and clean before and after, using the EMS Airflow. 

World's 1st Dental Spa Experience Dentis
The Feel Good Factor dentista.jpg

EMS Airflow - the future of a dental check up and clean

EMS Airflow scale and clean before and after

Why do you need a Scale and Clean?

One of the major benefits of getting a regular dental check up and clean is that any cavities can be picked up when they are nice and small. Dental cavities are infections in the tooth. Once you have a cavity it will only grow bigger and bigger, which means the chances of needing a root canal due to pain and infection also become bigger and bigger. 

Where does scale come from? The dental scale starts is life as plaque - which is soft and it is what we try to get rid of when we brush and floss. If we miss sections of soft plaque however, such as between the teeth or near the gums (or even under the gums), then this soft plaque turns into hard scale which you can no longer clean off at home anymore. This scale is also known as tartar or calculus.


After this point the only way to remove the hard scale is through a scale and clean at the dentist. The dentist, during the dental check up and clean, removes the calculus and tartar using dental cleaning tools such as the EMS Airflow Master, which gently but effectively removes the hard scale or calculus from your teeth.


We can show you how to get the best out of your at home dental cleaning routine. We have videos on how to use an electric toothbrush, how to floss and how to use interdental brushes. If you combine these tips with getting your dental check up and clean every 6 months then you stand a good chance of keeping your teeth healthy well into old age.

dental check up and clean using electric toothbrush.jpg

Good dental hygiene and a dental check up and clean every 6 months is your recipe for dental success.

Teeth Cleaning Cost

Dental Checkup Cost

At Dentista, we won't try to tell you that dental checkup cost doesn't matter. We will always give you the costs of all procedures on our website which of course will include a dental checkup cost.

Teeth Cleaning Cost

How much is a dental check up?

Your dental check up and clean is broken up into several parts and has cost codes of which your health insurance provider will pay back a portion. The amount you receive will from your health insurer will of course depend on which provider you are with. For details regarding this please see our page on private health insurance


The categories of teeth cleaning cost come under the following:

Comprehensive check up - $68

Removal of calculus - $126

You may also require a x-ray if the dentist is concerned about a potential cavity or issue. X ray - $47

Fluoride treatment - $37 

To see the importance of fluoride treatment and if it maybe a good idea at your next dental check up and clean, please check out our blog article on fluoride.

For a more comprehensive look at dental check up and clean cost, teeth cleaning cost - please see our general fees page. Here will will go into the cost codes for health insurance providers if you wish to follow up on any amount or code

As part of the scale and clean cost, we offer payment plans using Afterpay and Humm.

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