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Dentista Dental Centre - Noranda Dental, Dentist Morley

The dentists at Dentista Dental Centre are passionate about finding the right fit for your face! The whole team is committed to keeping you informed and comfortable with the decisions about your treatment. That way, together, we will work to give you your best beautiful, healthy smile! We have an experienced group of dentists and have been serving the community since 1992! Please have a look at our Smile Gallery to see some of our work and transformations. Meet the Noranda dental clinic dentists below.

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Dr Brian Hurwitz

Dr Brian Hurwitz has been a dentist at Camboon Road, originally as Noranda Dental, serving as a Dentist in Morley and Noranda for over 25 years and establishing the Noranda Dental Clinic! Dr Hurwitz has been a lifelong student of dentistry eventually completing his Master of Dentistry (BHSci (Dent) / MDent).

Dr Carla Graneri
Dr Carla Graneri

Dr Carla Graneri, (BDSc (Hons)) has been working as a dentist in Morley, dentist in Noranda and the surrounding suburbs; including Dianella, Beechboro, Bayswater, Bedford, Mt Lawley, Malaga and Mirrabooka since 2011. She is a home grown graduate with honours at the University of Western Australia (UWA), and then completed the primaries (RACDS) and has studied cosmetic dentistry with Portsmouth University and GIDE both in Australia and internationally in Los Angeles, California. She is now currently studying a Diploma of Aesthetic Dentistry with Portsmouth University, UK.

Dr Saul Todres Dentist.jpeg
Dr Saul Todres

Dr Saul Todres has worked in the public and private sectors throughout many areas of Perth and the South West and has been practicing over the last few years in the Northern suburbs of Perth. Dr Saul is also a fellow graduate from the University of Western Australia (UWA) (BSc) (DMD) and also studied with RACDS.

Dr Francis Fong.JPG
Dr Francis Fong

Dr Francis Fong is a dentist who has grown up in Dianella and then also attended the University of Western Australia, where he completed his Doctor of Dental Medicine with Distinction (DMD). He has worked both in the public and private sector as a dentist in Dianella and Ellenbrook. Dr Francis is proficient in Chinese, both Cantonese and Mandarin.


Our overall mission is to provide our patients with comprehensive dental care, using the best quality materials available. Check out the Dentista philosophy.

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Our special interests include cosmetic dentistry including implant treatments, crowns, veneers and smile makeovers or full mouth rehabilitation. Dentista uses the latest technology and is the first to introduce to the Morley and Noranda area, the EMS Airflow Master for the latest in treatments for your check up and clean, the Zoom Whitening Treatment for in chair dental teeth whitening and the all new Cerec dentistry, same day crowns system for crowns and inlay/onlays. We also have plumbed in nitrous oxide (laughing gas) available for those who may get a little anxious when going to the dentist.

Dentista is a welcoming environment to have your dental needs looked after. We are a gentle, experienced team and always make our patient’s needs our number one priority! We have easy access, easy free on-site parking and a calm and large waiting area. You are the boss of your treatment; we will always offer as many options as possible to find one that suits where you are at. A part of this is ensuring you know the costs, and what’s involved prior to commencing any treatment. We offer competitive pricing and you can find out more about our prices and pricing.

Noranda Dental

Cost of treatments

At Dentista we know the price of your treatment is important to know. Click through on the links if you'd like to see a general guide to our pricing or you'd like to see dental implant prices. Dentista is pleased to offer you the latest technology such as the EMS Airflow clean for your dental check up and clean, cerec dentistry for crowns and Zoom whitening for teeth whitening all at no extra cost to you. Please note these are general guides and we do not offer quotes without an in-person consultation.  

The practice offers payment plans with fortnightly, interest free payment options with Afterpay and for treatments up to $12,000 with Humm. For those who are suitable we also have options for early release of super for dental treatment with compassionate superannuation for dental treatment. We also have options for the use of the Medicare Child Benefits Scheme for those who are available.


Noranda Dental

We are a HBF Member Plus / HBF Preferred dentist. We have the HICAPS machine (same day rebates) and accept all private health insurers (you need to bring your card/app). We accept payment by debit card, credit card, cash and cheque.

Learn more about Dr Brian, Dr Carla, Dr Saul and Dr Francis

Find your trusted dentist in Morley, dentist Noranda, dentist Beechboro, dentist Malaga, dentist Dianella, dentist Bedford, dentist Bayswater, dentist Mirrabooka and dentist Mount Lawley today!

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Dentista Anxious Patients
Dentista Check Up and Clean
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Dentista Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental Services

Dentista Dental Centre have the new state of the art dental cleaning machine called the AirFlow Master. This Swiss machine delivers the most gentle and deep cleaning of your teeth available. They call it the Dental 'Spa' Experience!  Gone are the days of the uncomfortable scale and clean. We are the first Morley dental centre, dental clinic in Morley and Noranda dental clinic to bring you this new technology. Check out our dental check up and clean video

Are you afraid of the dentist? That's OK! We have nitrous oxide sedation (laughing gas) available to help you feel more relaxed! This is perfect for anxious patients and you are even able to drive home straight after! Nitrous is a wonderful option for children and adults alike. We have plumbed nitrous oxide to all rooms at our Morley dental centre.

You deserve a smile to match your personality! Both Dr Carla and Dr Saul's area of interest is in Cosmetic Dentistry. This is a broad topic and can include a full smile makeover, dental crowns, bridges and veneers. Noranda dental works closely with Perth based dental technicians and we would love to help you find a solution to achieve the smile you deserve. Morley Dentist and Noranda Dental cosmetic procedures.. check it out!

If you are missing teeth, dental implants may offer the replacement that you are looking for. Dr Carla places dental implants in Perth and has done training both locally and internationally. She designs, x-rays and plans your implants digitally, then places or restores them. We also have a whole page dedicated to gum care and the impact it has on dental implants. Dr Carla ensures the cost of dental implants Perth is not a prohibitive factor. Book now for a consultation to see if a dental implant is right for you! Noranda dental - your choice for dental implants Perth.

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Dentisa Root Canal
Dentista White Fillings
Dentist Extraction

Achieve brighter, whiter teeth with Zoom Whitening! Dentista Dental Centre - Noranda dental, offer different options for teeth whitening to suit your schedule and your budget! We offer both in-chair teeth whitening at the dental clinic or take home packs with moulds and gel. Click In Chair Whitening to find out more! Check out whether you receive private health cover for teeth whitening Check out the YouTube video for tooth whitening using zoom!

Dr Saul and Dr Carla love to do fillings! There is great satisfaction in performing each step properly to achieve a beautiful result (yes, fillings can be beautiful too)! Many people don't realise that it takes a lot of precisely done steps to achieve a long lasting filling. Please follow the link to find out more about white fillings! We do amalgam fillings, composite filling, and can even do gold tooth filling and silver fillings. Check out our YouTube video on a filling from start to finish! Noranda dental - your choice when it comes to fillings.

Sometimes the nerve inside your tooth doesn't make the distance, and needs to be removed.  Root canal treatment allows you to keep your tooth for longer! Dr Saul has a special interest in helping patients with tooth pain. If you'd like to dive deeper we have a page on root canal treatment. To learn about the root canal cost Perth, please look to our general price guide or root canal treatment blog. We also have a YouTube video of a denist conducting root canal treatment. Noranda Dental- keeping you pain free

Tooth extraction. Teeth break! Sometimes teeth get sore! Sometimes the tooth is better out of your mouth than in! The team at Dentista are here to serve you when it comes to dental extractions. We have an article which takes you through the process of a dental extractions. We also have nitrous oxide or laughing gas that is plumbed into our rooms, to take the edge off if you need a tooth pulled out. our page on dental extractions will give you the knowledge and confidence to find out more about any treatment you may require in this area.

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The new technology that is cerec dentistry! Whether you are looking for a same day crown or a quality porcelain filling instead of plastic touch ups on a large filling, cerec dentistry has made huge advantages in the patient experience and convenience.. all for no extra cost! Dentista provides this options to Dentist Noranda, Dentist Morley. Cerec one visit dentistry is here! Visit cerec dentist to find out more.

Emergency dental care and urgent dental care are provided with same day appointments and walk in dentist. Dentista provides emergency dental services such as emergency tooth extraction, emergency root canal treatment, patients with tooth pain, cracked or knocked out teeth and other urgent dental and emergency dental procedures. Click Emergency Dentistry to find out more. Emergency Morley Dentist and Noranda Dentist.

Do you snore? Have you been diagnosed with mild sleep apnoea? Alternatively do you wake up with jaw pain? Have your teeth ground down or look worn and smaller than they once were? If the answer to any of these questions is yes... then you may benefit from a night guard. A night guard, also called a splint or night mouth guard can both protect your teeth from grinding during the night and also stop you snoring. We also make custom mouth guards in Perth that will protect your teeth no matter what the sport.  Noranda dental clinic.

Dentista provides dental treatment for the whole family. We are registered for the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Scheme and accept all private health insurance for the family. We are also HBF members plus providers (formerly called preferred provider). We have both experienced dentists for your children and also carry Nitrous Oxide for those kids who may be nervous, if needed (see anxious patients). To find out more about the importance of baby teeth and how to look after them, click Family Dentistry.


Where are We?

Dental Clinic In Perth

We are located at 73 Camboon Road, Noranda, Perth Western Australia 6062. For more details and directions, please see our contact page.

Our opening hours are Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm. We are closed weekends and public holidays.

Dentista Dental Centre, Find your Dentist Noranda, Dentist Morley.


To find us on search results pages:

Formerly Noranda Dental Clinic or Camboon Road Dental Centre. You can also find us with searches of Morley Dental and Noranda Dental and Morley Dentist or Noranda Dentist, Dentist Morley and Dentist Noranda. We also show up for the surrounding suburbs such as dentist Beechboro, Mount Lawley dentist, Dianella dentist, Mirrabooka dentist and dentist Malaga.

Dr Carla is available for those patients who are looking for a female dentist.

Dr Francis Fong is available for those patients who are looking for a dentist speaks Chinese - Chinese Dentist

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Patient Education Videos

At Dentista Dental Centre, we strive to improve the dental education of all our patients. Dr Carla has a YouTube channel which aims to bring to the patient, both clinical surgeries of dental treatments that are available, but also more general subjects such as 'how to brush your teeth with an electric toothbrush', and finding out the pH level of popular drinks like soda water or wine. If you would like to see some of our dental videos, click on our Patient Videos Page tab. There are videos about our Airflow gentle dental cleaning, how to brush, how to floss, acid in soda water, and more!

Airflow Master Before with disclosing solution

Private Health Insurance

We accept all private health insurances funds. If you have any specific questions about private health insurance and how you can claim insurance, or how much the cost of treatments will be, please take at our page on private health insurance. We are a HBF preferred dentist which is now called a HBF member plus dental practise. Please remember to bring either your card or your mobile app for your private health fund. hbf dental Morley.

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Dental Blog

In the spirit of dental education, we have a dental bog called Blog Dentista, where we will hopefully inform you on a range of topics to help keep you teeth for life. We try to maintain a balance between including topics on patient procedures such as dental implants blog, teeth whitening blog, cosmetic dentistry blog, whilst also including general topics such as what is the best mouthwash, how to get rid of bad breath, history and use of local anaesthetic, and the advantages and disadvantages of fluoride. We especially like to help inform patients who may experience anxiety when going to the dentist and believe that this can be done through giving patients information about those topics. We hope you stop and have a look.

Dentista Dental Centre

From Noranda Dental to Dentista Dental

From Noranda dental all the way back in 1992 to Dentista Dental and the team today, over the years we have continued to service both the Noranda and Morley community. We have gone for a traditional house medical conversion style to give the practice and the patients a more comfortable, homely and relaxing style of dental care. If you would like to come on a journey from Noranda Dental and see the changes that have occurred over the years, please click on our about us page. We have continued the story with our recent renovation now setting us up for the next 20 years. 

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Are you interested in a smile makeover? Dentista offers a smile makeover service to those who have different works needed or are looking to a wholistic solution to their dental treatment needs. A smile makeover includes a smile design or virtual smile makeover, Fixing any issues and structural problems with the teeth, and then proceeding with the full cosmetic makeover through the smile makeover. This treatment can be truly life changing. See a dentiat today for a consult on a smile makeover Perth.

For more information check out our Smile Makeover page.


We are partnered with healthengine for those who are comfortable with the platform. We have a preferred postcode with Malaga dental clinic or with those who look for dentist Malaga with the postcode 6090. Our second preferred postcode is Beechboro Dental Clinic or dentist beechboro for the postcode 6063. If you use healthengineand wish to book with us using this service you can see our link.