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Dentist Noranda and Dentist Morley

Dentista Dental Centre - Dental clinic in Noranda, Perth WA

HBF Preferred Dentist

Dental Clinic Noranda

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The dentists at Dentista Dental Centre are passionate about finding the right fit for your face! The whole team is committed to keeping you informed and comfortable with the decisions about your treatment. That way, together, we will work to give you your best beautiful, healthy smile! Please have a look at our Smile Gallery to see some of our work and transformations. 

Dentista Dental Centre - Servicing Noranda, Morley and Surrounding Suburbs

Dental Services

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Meet our Dentists

**** Update Dr Brian Hurwitz retired from dentistry. Dr Brian practiced as a Dentist in Noranda for over 25 years and he established the practice back in 1992. We wish the best for Dr Brian​ and his family who now reside in Sydney.

Dr Carla Graneri
Dentist Perth - Dr Carla Graneri

Dr Carla Graneri, Female Dentist Perth (BDSc (Hons)) has been working as a dentist in Noranda, Morley and the surrounding suburbs of Perth since 2011. She is a home grown Perth graduate with honours at the University of Western Australia (UWA), and then completed the primaries (RACDS) and dental implant treatment with gIDE both in Australia and internationally in Los Angeles, California. She has also completed a Diploma of Advanced Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry with Portsmouth University, UK.

Dr Saul Todres Dentist.jpeg
Dentist Noranda - Dr Saul Todres

Dr Saul Todres Male Dentist Perth DMD (UWA), BSc (UWA) has worked in the public and private sectors throughout many areas of Perth and the South West and has been practicing over the last few years with Dentista in Noranda. Dr Saul is also a fellow graduate from the University of Western Australia and also studied with RACDS.

Dentist Dr Ellie Knight.JPG
Dentist Noranda - Dr Ellie Knight

Dr Ellie Knight Female Dentist Perth DMD(Dist) (UWA), BSc(Dist) (UWA), grew up in the UK and moved to Perth with her family in 2007. She completed high school at Perth Modern School, before graduating with Distinction from the University of Western Australia with a Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Dental Medicine in 2019.  Over the past few years, Dr Ellie has worked at private dental clinics in Perth’s Northern suburbs and also worked in public government dental clinics in Warwick, Nedlands and Bunbury, before joining Dentista Dental Centre in Noranda.

Dentist Noranda - Dr Paul Mueller

Dr Paul Mueller Male Dentist Perth - BHSc MDent

Dr Paul Mueller has moved from over East to Perth to join our dental clinic. Dr Paul is dedicated to providing the best quality dental care to his patients and aims to deliver comprehensive treatment as a priority. Recognising that a dental visit is often daunting, Dr Paul Mueller ensures that he takes the time to listen and understand each patient’s individual needs, and aims to make everyone’s experience at the dentist a welcoming one.

Private Health Insurance

We accept all private health insurances funds. If you have any specific questions about private health insurance and how you can claim insurance in relation to dental fees, or how much the cost of treatments will be, please take at our page on private health insurance. We are a HBF preferred dentist which is now called a HBF member plus dental practice. Please remember to bring either your card or your mobile app for your private health fund.

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Dentista Dental: Private Health Insurance options for Noranda dental and Morley Dental areas in Perth

Dental Clinic Philosophy

Dentista Dental Centre has an overall mission to provide our patients with comprehensive dental care, using the best quality materials available. Check out the Dentista philosophy.


Dr Carla has special interests including cosmetic dentistry, implant treatments, crowns, veneers and smile makeovers or full mouth rehabilitation. Dentista uses the latest technology and was the first to introduce to the Morley and Noranda area the EMS Airflow Master for the latest in treatments for your check up and clean. We have the Zoom Whitening Treatment for in chair dental teeth whitening and the all new Cerec dentistry, same day crowns system for crowns. We also have plumbed in nitrous oxide (laughing gas) available for those who may get a little anxious when going to the dentist.

Dentista Dental Centre is a welcoming environment to have your dental needs looked after. We are a gentle, experienced team and always make our patient’s needs our number one priority! We have easy access, easy free on-site parking and a calm and large waiting area. You are the boss of your treatment; we will always offer as many options as possible to find one that suits where you are at. A part of this is ensuring you know the costs, and what’s involved prior to commencing any treatment. We offer competitive pricing and you can find out more about our prices and pricing.

Dentist Morley
Providing all general dental and cosmetic dental treatments - Dentist Noranda and Dentist Morley

Cost of Treatments

Dentista is a HFB member plus - HBF dental Morley and Noranda


At Dentista, we know the price of your treatment is important to know. Click through on the links if you'd like to see a general guide to our pricing.  Please note these are general price guides and we do not offer quotes without an in-person consultation.  

The practice offers payment plans on our dental fees with fortnightly, interest free payment options through Afterpay and for treatments up to $12,000 with Humm. For those who are suitable we also have options for early release of super for dental treatment with compassionate superannuation for dental treatment. We also have options for the use of the Medicare Child Benefits Scheme for those who are available.

Dentista Dental Centre - Where are We?

We are located at 73 Camboon Road, Noranda, Perth Western Australia 6062. For more details and directions, please see our contact page.

Our opening hours are Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm. 

We are closed Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

Dentista Dental Centre, Find your Dentist Noranda, Dentist Morley 

Dentista Dental Centre - Dentist Perth Western Australia - Dentist near me

If you are using google maps just type dentist near me around the Noranda or Morley area.

Formerly Noranda Dental or Camboon Road Dental Centre. You can also find us with searches of Morley Dental and Noranda Dental and Morley Dentist or Noranda Dentist, Dentist Morley and Dentist Noranda. 

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Dentista ADA Member providing service 

Dentist Perth - Patient Education Videos

At Dentista Dental Centre, we strive to improve the dental education of all our patients. Dr Carla has a YouTube channel which aims to bring to the patient, both clinical procedures of dental treatments that are available, but also more general subjects such as 'how to brush your teeth with an electric toothbrush', and finding out the pH (acid) level of popular drinks like soda water or wine. If you would like to see some of our dental videos, click on our Patient Videos Page tab. There are videos about our Airflow gentle dental cleaning, how to brush, how to floss, acid in soda water, how to use piksters, Is coffee bad for your teeth and more!

Dentist Morley

Dentist Morley - Dentistas Educational videos on Dr Carla's YouTube channel

Dentista Dental Blog

In the spirit of dental education, we have a dental bog called Blog Dentista, where we will hopefully inform you on a range of topics to help keep your teeth for life. We try to maintain a balance between including topics on patient procedures in our Perth dental rooms such as dental implants blog, teeth whitening blog, cosmetic dentistry blog, whilst also including general topics such as what is the best mouthwash, how to get rid of bad breath, history and use of local anaesthetic, and the advantages and disadvantages of fluoride. We especially like to help inform patients who may experience anxiety when going to the dentist and believe that this can be done through giving patients information about those topics. We hope you stop and have a look.

From Dr Hurwitz Rooms to Dentista Dental

Dr Brian Hurwitz established the practice way back in 1992. Now operating as Dentista Dental Centre we are continuing to service the community. We have gone for a traditional house medical conversion style to give the practice and the patients a more comfortable, homely and relaxing style of dental care. If you would like to come on a journey and see the changes that have occurred over the years, please click on our about us page. We have continued the story with our recent renovation now setting us up for the next 20 years. 

Full Mouth Rehabilitation - Smile Makeover

Are you interested in a smile makeover? Dentista offers a smile makeover service to those who have different works needed or are looking to a wholistic solution to their dental treatment needs. A smile makeover includes a smile design or virtual smile makeover, fixing any issues and structural problems with the teeth, and then proceeding with the full cosmetic makeover. This treatment can be truly life changing. Book today for a consult on a smile makeover Perth.

For more information check out our Smile Makeover page.


We are partnered with healthengine for those who are comfortable with the platform. We have a preferred postcode with Malaga dental clinic or with those who look for dentist Malaga with the postcode 6090. Our second preferred postcode is Beechboro Dental Clinic or dentist beechboro for the postcode 6063. If you use healthengineand wish to book with us using this service you can see our link. Healthengine is a website that you can seek out health providers such as doctors, specialists and of course a dentist Perth. 

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