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Dr Brian Hurwitz

Dr Brian Hurwitz Dentist

Dentist Brian Hurwitz - Retired

*****UPDATE***** Dr Hurwitz retired from dentistry 30th June 2022!

If you were a patient of Dr Brian, please have a look at our other practitioners who will continue to look after your smile. We have kept this page active as some of Dr Brian's former patients Google Search for him.

I have been practising dentistry at Camboon Road for over 25 years. I established the Noranda dental clinic where there has now been a dental practice since 1992. I am a resident in Noranda and me and my family have been part of the community for over 30 years.

I obtained my bachelor’s degree, Health Sciences in Dentistry in South Africa and then studied further to acquire a master’s degree in dental science (Master of Dentistry (BHSci (Dent) / MDent)

I am committed to updating my knowledge and skills and via continuing education in the profession, to keep abreast of new technology and expertise to give the best service to my patients.

Dr Brian Hurwitz Dentist.JPG
Dr Hurwitz in the Dental Surgery at Dentista Dental Centre

I feel very privileged and lucky with the opportunities that have been given to me via the profession, and as a result, have felt that I would like to give back to societies that do not have access to adequate dental care.

For a number of years I have volunteered my skills to underprivileged communities in India and with a dental team that services remote indigenous communities in the Kimberleys as well as people in Perth, who for various reasons, have no access to dental treatment. These experiences became a passion and somewhat of an addiction.

I was honoured by the fraternity with a Fellowship of the International College of Dentists.

Recreationally, I am an obsessive exercise junkie and for 40 years have been a long-distance runner, completing many marathons and ultra-marathons locally and overseas.  In my senior years, I have embraced the challenge of golf which has brought joy and frustration.

The Australian Dental Association (ADA) has published an Article of Dr Hurwitz and his volunteer work with Equal Health Australia with his frequent trips to India, have a read here. We have also included the excerpt below from the Western Articulator on Dr Hurwitz. 

If you would like to hear more about the history of Noranda Dental Centre and it's journey from a residential home in 1992 all the way through to Dentista Dental Centre, please see our About Us page.

Dr Hurwitz
Dr Brian Hurwitz Volunteering with Kimberly Dental
ADA member
Dr Brian article 1.JPG
Dr Hurwitz in an article by the major Dental publication in Western Australia, the Western Articulator.
Dr Brian Hurwitz Article 2.JPG
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