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Humm Dental

Dentista proudly offers humm dental to patients and is an approved humm dentist Perth. Humm payment can be made for both large and small transactions and offers no interest payments on transactions.

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Dentista provides humm dental treatment payment plans

The treatment I want is quite expensive, do you offer any finance or payment plans?



We are pleased to offer easy payment options with humm and humm dental. This no interest payment option is fast and easy to apply for within minutes! We require a 20% deposit to commence your treatment, and treatment up to $12,000 is covered. Our page will show you how to navigate humm by category, how humm payment and humm dental works, what constitutes small and large treatments  and how you can get started today.

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How does Humm dental work?

humm dental can provide assistance for both small and large treatments. The terms for each are slightly different but an advantage of humm is that it is interest free forever.

Humm little things

Small humm dental transactions are called humm little things and are for small treatment items such as scale and cleans, fillings, extractions or even teeth whitening. The benefits of using humm little things for small treatments include;

  • fast and easy signup with humm up to $2000

  • 5 fortnight payments, totaling 2.5 months, all which includes no fees

  • If you wish to you can extend this out to 10 fortnightly payments (5 months), which will have an $8 a month fee

  • if you wish you can increase the frequency of payments to weekly

  • There are no sign up fees and under humm there is never any interest paid.


Using the dental payment plans Australia payment system with humm small things, there are no credit checks.


The diagram below outlines the numbers for humm little things. Dental is an approved humm category.

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Humm dental using humm little things

Humm big things

Larger treatment items such as smile makeovers can also be used with humm and are called humm big things. Humm big things varies slightly from the smaller treatments (humm little things). Like the small treatments, you can still receive fast approval and fortnightly repayments. Likewise, as is the case with humm small things, with humm big things there is never any interest paid.


Where it differs, is that with humm big things in the category of humm dental, there is an establishment fee of $70 and then there is an $8 charge per month. You are not locked into a time limit however, and you can make additional repayments or even pay out your total early without incurring any fees. Humm big things supports treatments all the way up to $30,000

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Humm big things could provide patients with a full smile makeover

Humm big things can pre approve you up to $5000. Humm big things will require you to provide information such as bank statements. Humm dental is an approved humm certegy. The diagram below gives you the numbers and fees associated with humm big things.

Humm big things.JPG

Humm dental using humm big things

Other Payment Options

If humm doesn't suit you we have other payment methods that you may be able to use such as Afterpay. We also are a part of the compassionate release of superannuation scheme where you may be able to access your super for dental treatment. We also participate in the Medicare child benefit scheme which you can find out about on our page to see if you qualify. Please note that payment plans and options will not interfere with your private health insurance.


If you wish to find out our fees and fee structure, please see our general fees page. We don't hide our fees and whilst dental fees may be somewhat complicated, we try our best to give you the best idea of what our fees will be on our website before you come to the practice. We will always provide you with a quote and fees before we commence any treatment.

humm big things stores Australia is a current humm payment promotion where you can see Dentista's humm store on the website and take advantage of any offers humm has. Our shop front in store address can be found under the link here, humm dental.


For humm help, please click on the humm logo up the top or check the section below under humm by category for our actual in store page.

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Humm by Category

If you are searching humm by category, then the humm category is dental. Our shop front in store address is under humm dental. Dentista provide options for both humm little things and humm big things.

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