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The Dentista Difference! What is the Airflow Dental Clean?!

Updated: Feb 5

At Dentista we want you to be as comfortable as possible and have the best treatment possible! That's why we invested in the Airflow Master! This piece of equipment is not in every Dental Practice, but we knew it would make the experience better for our patients so that's why we got it!

What difference does it make to you? The Airflow delivers a more gentle, more thorough and more efficient clean compared to the standard dental clean.

What makes the Airflow unique is there is a totally new device which uses a very very fine powder (14 microns! SO TINY!) with high pressure air and water to remove all the plaque (the soft, furry stuff that causes problems) from your teeth. This gentle powder does not scratch your enamel, or damage any fillings or crowns or veneers you might have! Airflow is the best way to clean around all the small nooks and crannies in braces as well!

Best of all, if you have implants, the Airflow is able to thoroughly clean the very delicate surfaces of your implant and around your gums.

Any scale left over (also know as tartar and calculus) that is too thick for the Airflow powder to get off, is then gently removed with the ultrasonic scaler. The ultrasonic scaler device is what is common in most dental practices, and probably what you are familiar with. The difference with the Airflow however, is that the water for the ultrasonic device is warmed to 40 degrees Celsius! That way it doesn't feel like the icy cold bath that you may be used to when you have a clean! For most people, most of the work is done with the Airflow Powder, and it's only the stubborn scale that's removed with the ultrasonic.

Airflow is great for people who have sensitive teeth. Even if you don't have sensitive teeth the Airflow will give you a lovely gentle, thorough clean!

EMS is a Swiss company that leads the field in precision medical devices for dental prophylaxis, orthopaedics and urology. Find our more about EMS here.

See our Dentista video about the Airflow here!