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What should you look for when choosing a Dentist In Morley

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Dentist Morley and Dentist Noranda
Dentista Dental Centre - Dentist Morley and Dentist Noranda

When looking for your Dentist in Morley, of course It is important that the professional who treats you has a degree in dentistry, is highly trained as a dentist and is qualified in this area, but what you may not know to look for is what education they pursue after they receive their degree. This is not to just be confused with a postgraduate degree or a Master’s degree, although of course these are obviously great if your dentist has these but rather that the dentist that you are looking for as a Dentist in Morley is one who is committed to continuing their education after they receive their degree. Your dentist should be actively pursuing the latest training in technologies and methods in the field. There have been many of these in the field of dentistry especially over the past few years, and it is important that your dentist be both up to date with these and be passionate about them.

Outside of this, you should be treated in an excellent way and obtain a correct diagnosis, planning and development of the health treatment for your mouth. Dentists in Morley can belong to a group of Dentists such as The Australian Dental Association (ADA) in Australia. Below are some tips for choosing a dentist and how to choose a dentist in Perth.

The Dental Assistants

The clinic personnel of the practice should ideally have a Cert 4 in Dental Assisting. A good Dentist in Morley will make sure that their dental assistants are well qualified and supported for training and have the right skills for the practice.

Concentrating on the needs of the Patient

When thinking about how to choose a dentist in morley, you should focus on whether you think the dentist concentrates on the needs of the patient above all else. The dental facility should be focused on the well-being and good oral care of its patients. There ought to be a balance between concentrating on the prevention strategies and good oral hygiene practices that will lead to good strong teeth and gums, with on the other hand fixing current problems, pain, discomfort or aesthetic issues that a patient may present.

Dr Carla Graneri performs a dental filling on a patient
Dr Carla Graneri performs a dental filling on a patient

A dentist should be able to be friendly and interpersonal, and of course be focused on what is best for their patients. A dentist that asks questions of their patients like, ‘what would you like from this treatment’, ‘how does this issue affect you’ and other questions like these can usually give an insight into the dentist themselves. This is contrasted with a dentist who would diagnose an issue and propose a treatment, without listening to the goals of the patient.

Other insights include dentists that will make blogs or videos that can help educate their patients. Examples may include, how to brush your teeth, how to floss, what causes cavities and how to reduce your chances of this would be such examples.


Managing the patient is a central part of considering which dentist to go with. The dentist should be happy to answer all your inquiries both with interest, consideration and of course good information, until you feel both at ease and comprehend all that you need in order to make an informed decision.

This should extend to the whole practice any questions that the patient may have in general. As in many medical professions, sometimes the assistants such as dental assistants, can obtain a better rapport with patients as the patient can feel more at ease with the person who is not providing treatment to them. Clinical treatment should only come after the patient is both informed and comfortable.

Specific dentists for treating Dental problems

Treatments are increasingly becoming varied and complex and require increasingly specialized and trained professionals (dental hygienists, pediatric dentists, endodontists, periodontists and orthodontists). Part of choosing a good Dentist in Morley, is knowing when and whom to recommend to for each of these specializations if the need arises. Other than recommending that the dentist has been trained with complementary or postgraduate courses (masters), and has the relevant experience. A good Dentist will know each specialists’ unique areas within the specialty and be able to refer their patients accordingly, to maximize the chances of a good outcome.

Don’t just find a dental clinic that offers all dental treatments. Rather, you want to find a dental clinic and dentists that has an area of interest of specialty that you align with. This is a key difference as that dentist will normally have both further training and experience than just a general dentist who chooses to treat all areas.

There are of course basic practices that every dentist should partake in. Identifying any medicines or conditions of patients before the start of any treatment should be sought out, and any implications of dental treatments with these medications should be thoroughly explained to the patient. Also patient history, general lifestyle and medical issues should also be identified before any treatments.

Planning and treatment planning is also something to look out for when choosing a Dentist in Morley, with this not always being standard practice in dental clinics today. Although it may take extra time and in some cases relate to extra costs, this is imperative as it may save much more costs down the road and prevent failed treatments associated with poor planning. This may incorporate; what they will do, the span of the treatment, any testing and milestones, and the resulting upkeep. A Dentist in Morley should clarify every one of the states of the treatment or administration prior to performing it and other viable options (assuming any).

After the culmination of treatment, occasional after care appointments or phone calls should be performed to assist with obtaining optimum results and keeping on top of any potential problems.

Accessibility and Parking

It is significant that the area of the facility is near the home or work environment of the patient. With everyone’s busy schedule and modern lifestyle, not being able to find a good Dentist in Morley can result in the precious time you do have being evaporated quickly. Morley however has a very high concentration of dentists, so your chances of finding one are greatly increased. Furthermore, it is always good to have the option to go to a clinic where you are not stressed about getting parking.

Innovation and advancement

The field of dentistry is a rapidly changing one and it is essential now days to find a practice that has both equipment and the dentist themselves that can keep up with the pace of technology in the field. Advancements include the new Airflow Master! Which is a new technology which uses high pressure water and very fine powder to more gently and effectively clean the teeth. It is also great for those patients with implants, crowns and bridges who may have found it difficult in the past to have their teeth cleaned with the more traditional methods. Other innovations include the new Zoom! Whitening, which is in chair bleaching of the teeth. A high clinical grade of whitening bleach is able to be used along with blue light treatment, which has fielded great results. It does however require a qualified dentist to be there for the procedure. Of course it’s not just machines and technology but improved methods themselves. Partial crowns can be used with digital milling machines such as the Cerec machine, to which a competent dentist, who is keeping up with the latest trends, can use milling combined with digital software, to perform a partial crown both accurately and as quickly as just one visit.


The materials utilized in various treatments like composites (fillings), veneers, crowns, implants and the equipment itself used by dentists should be of the highest quality. Although to the layman, this may not be the easiest thing to judge, you can always ask the dentist, and as stated in an earlier section, a good dentist will be able to explain what they are using and of what quality it is in a way to put you at ease.

A great Dentist in Morley is waiting for you at Dentista Dental Centre.

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